Revolutionize Your Lighting with Mason’s LUNA Series High Bay for Commercial and Industrial Applications

As a major LED high bay light manufacturer in China, Mason provides customers with revolutionary lighting solution designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial and industrial applications. One of their innovative product is the LUNA series high bay, which offers unique features and unparalleled performance. Now this product has become an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions.

Wireless Control and Smart Operation

The LUNA series high bay is designed with built-in driver and wireless control modules, allowing end-users to control the lights directly through their mobile phones. With the ability to configure the light brightness level and sensor data, businesses can easily manage their lighting fixtures with energy-saving and quick operation. It also features Bluetooth or sensor versions, which are easy to operate through an app on mobile devices, making it a wireless and programmable lighting solution that can save on smart control costs.

Advanced Design and Functionality

The LUNA series high bay features a unique and stylish design, with a hollow construction that enhances heat dissipation. Its robust die-casting aluminum housing and beam angle provide reliable performance and optimal visibility for employees. The light’s built-in motion sensor and optional Bluetooth control module offer added functionality and convenience for businesses seeking ease of use and smart operation.


In conclusion, Mason’s LUNA series high bay is an advanced and versatile lighting solution that can revolutionize commercial and industrial applications. With its wireless control and smart operation, advanced design and functionality, and versatile applications, it is a reliable and cost-effective lighting solution that can enhance productivity and visibility in working spaces.

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