Revolutionizing Metal Prototyping

SEAL-RP SLM Service: Revolutionizing Metal Prototyping

Rapid prototyping 3D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry in recent years, allowing designers and engineers to quickly create prototypes of their designs. While this technology is useful for creating prototypes with plastic materials, it falls short when it comes to metal parts. That’s where SEAL-RP’s SLM service comes in.

The Benefits of Selective Laser Melting Technology

One of the biggest benefits of SLM is its ability to produce parts with high structural integrity. Because the metal is melted and fused together, there are no seams or weak points in the final part. This makes SLM ideal for producing parts that need to withstand high loads or stresses.

Another benefit of SLM is the level of detail that can be achieved. The laser used in SLM is incredibly precise, allowing for features as small as 50 microns to be produced. This level of detail is not achievable with traditional machining methods, making SLM ideal for producing intricate or complex parts.

How SEAL-RP’s SLM Service Saves Time and Money for Metal Prototyping

SEAL-RP’s SLM service takes the benefits of SLM and combines them with a streamlined production process to provide customers with a fast and cost-effective solution for metal prototyping.

Because SLM produces parts layer by layer, there is very little waste material produced during the process. This means that material costs are kept low, making SLM an affordable alternative to traditional machining methods.

In addition, because SLM can produce complex geometries without the need for multiple tooling setups, the time required to produce a single prototype is greatly reduced. This allows designers and engineers to quickly iterate on their designs, getting to a final product faster.


SEAL-RP’s SLM service is revolutionizing metal prototyping by providing customers with a fast and cost-effective solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality or accuracy. By leveraging the benefits of SLM technology with a streamlined production process, SEAL-RP is able to provide customers with intricate metal parts that can withstand high loads and stresses. Whether you’re in the aerospace, medical, or automotive industry, SEAL-RP’s SLM service is worth considering for your next metal prototyping project.

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