Signs that your body lacks Vitamins.

Signs that your body lacks Vitamins.

Our body requires us to be fit and healthy to function correctly. The requirement for a balanced diet is a necessity to live without diseases. A balanced diet means a diet consisting of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats in an optimal amount. Unlike the others, vitamins and minerals can be obtained from supplements also. It is a huge relief because one might never know the right amount of minerals and vitamins in our body and to have it in tablet forms gives a good idea of the intake amount. There are even some genuine brands like Viridian, which give access to the authentic fulfilments of our bodily requirements.

To get started on the supplements, one must have a good idea of the deficiency in the body. The lack of vitamins can cause considerable changes in bodily activities internally and externally. For some, it would drastically affect the skin, whereas, for others, the body functions will be at risk. Read this article to identify the bodily reflections on the lack of vitamins.

Hair and nails easily break.

Brittle nails and hair are often due to the low amount of biotin in the body. Biotin is mainly composed of vitamin B7, and it plays a huge role in converting food to energy components. Even though biotin deficiency in the body occurs in the rarest of cases, symptoms of deficiency are extremely noticeable. They are mainly reflected on the hair and nails and can cause splitting, thinning and even brittleness.

Some other symptoms include cramps, muscle pain, and chronic fatigue. Biotin deficiency is extremely risky for pregnant women, smokers, etc.

Ulcers or cracks.

Commonly known as canker sores, they are often caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B and iron. Angular cheilitis is another condition which causes the mouth to crack or bleed. It is often caused due to the insufficient consumption of riboflavin in the vitamin B category.

Many food items are rich in vitamin B like seeds, poultry, legumes, whole grains, nuts etc. However, it is always recommended to have a supplementary intake of these vitamins if one is exposed to intolerable medical issues. Authentic vitamin brands like the Viridian can be the best solution to such instances.

Bleeding in gums.

Even though bad technique in brushing can cause bleeding in the gums, the lack of vitamin C in the diet is also problematic. Vitamin C is a significant component in the body to heal and provide immunity to the body. It even acts as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage.

Fresh fruits, especially citrus ones and vegetables, are primary sources of vitamin C. However, as said earlier, vitamins in foods can be in varied forms, which may or may not have their benefits.

Some other symptoms of lack of vitamins in the body include loss of teeth, weakness in the immune system, and scurvy.

White mucus in eyes.

Deficiency in vitamins is also a reason for poor visual problems. Vitamin A plays a significant role in this as it is often related to night blindness, making it difficult to see in darkness. The rhodopsin produced by the retinas in the eyes is mainly produced by Vitamin A. if this condition is ignored, it can even worsen blindness in people.

Other signs of the lack of vitamin A in the body include irritation in the skin, frequent headaches, nausea, bone and joint pain, and in the severest of cases, it can lead a person to coma and even death. The only solution for all these is to have a diet that includes Vitamin A

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