SmallRig: Providing Professional Gimbal Stabilizers for All Types of Shooting 

SmallRig is a leading manufacturer of high-quality gimbal stabilizers and camera accessories. Founded in 2013, SmallRig has quickly grown to offer a wide range  of gimbal stabilizers for both DSLR and action cameras, as well as many other camera accessories.

SmallRig: Providing Professional Gimbal Stabilizers for All Types of Shooting 

SmallRig offers an extensive range of gimbal stabilizers 

SmallRig has built up an impressive selection of over 50 different gimbal stabilizers for various cameras and shooting needs. Their gimbal stabilizers cover brands like DJI, Zhiyun, Moza and Freefly and come in multiple types to suit different shooting styles from compact handheld gimbals to 3-axis gimbals.

Some of their best-selling gimbal stabilizers include:

DJI RS Stabilizer Series: SmallRig offers a wide range of accessories for DJI’s popular RS series  gimbal stabilizers, including the RS 2, RS 3 Pro and RS 3 Mini. They offer upgrades like handles, quick release plates, monitor mounts, payload limiters and more.

Zhiyun Tech Gimbal Compatibility: SmallRig also manufactures various accessories compatible with Zhiyun’s line of gimbals like the Crane 2S, Crane 3 Lab and Weebill Lab. They offer handles, rods, NATO rails, counterweights and quick release plates.

Moza and Freefly Movi Compatibility: SmallRig also makes gimbal stabilizer accessories for the Moza Aircross 2 and Freefly Movi gimbals to improve functionality and handling.

Upgrading your gimbal stabilizer

No matter which gimbal stabilizer you have, SmallRig likely offers an upgrade to improve usability. Accessories like handles, rods, plates, monitor mounts and counterweights can significantly enhance how your gimbal performs.


If you’re looking for a wide range of premium gimbal stabilizers and accessories to upgrade your existing gimbal, SmallRig is a great option. Their high-quality gimbal stabilizers and add-ons will improve image stability and offer a more comfortable shooting experience.

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