Some of the Most Iconic Superheroes in the DC Universe

Some of the Most Iconic Superheroes in the DC Universe

It is no myth that Marvel gets most of the spotlight when it comes to superheroes. However, without a doubt DC has created some amazing superheroes that have gone down in history.

Marvel might take the lead in their live-action movies but DC takes the cake when it comes to animated movies because their animated movies are like no other. The best part is that you can watch these movies online as well; all you need is a reliable internet connection such as with Xfinity, one of the best out there. We would suggest looking into Xfinity internet prices so that you could figure out what suits your budget the most. Back to DC, here are some of DC’s most iconic superheroes now.


Honestly, how could Batman not top the list? Batman is the most well known superhero in the DC Universe. Though he has no superpowers, it is his scientific mind and his immense amount of money that gives them superiority over other superheroes. This is exactly why Batman is the leader of the Justice League and he can take on even massive villains such as Bane who even though broke Batman’s back, Batman still managed to defeat. One of the best things about Batman is that he instills fear in his enemies and then uses their fears against them. While Batman does fight alone, he also does well if he is in an alliance such as the Justice League or if he is simply backed up by his sidekick, Robin.


Right after Batman comes Superman. Normally called Clark Kent, Superman is from another planet called Krypton and as he lands on Earth, he finds out that he is far superior to humans on Earth. This gives Superman the leverage and while this may be normal on Krypton, Superman’s superpowers make him stand out on Earth. He has superhuman strength and other powers such as agility, laser eyes, and the ability to fly. Superman is also an essential member of the Justice League and he fights alongside Batman to save the Earth from major threats. However, Superman has one weakness that makes him powerless and that is the use of a special rock called Kryptonite from the planet of Krypton.

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The concept behind Shazam is quite interesting since Shazam is in reality a teenage boy. The boy behind Shazam is called Billy Batson and Billy receives his powers from a mystical wizard called Shazam who transfers his powers to Billy. Upon saying the word Shazam, Billy turns into a buffed-out superhero called Shazam who has powers similar to Superman such as flight, agility, and super strength. Bullets do not affect Shazam either. The live-action movie of Shazam is a fun movie to watch and you can even enjoy it with your family. Shazam has also been featured in the famous video game Injustice in which superheroes from the DC Universe fight against each other or  the villains.


Nightwing is a very underrated superhero in the DC Universe. The real identity behind Nightwing is Dick Grayson who was the first Robin alongside Batman. Dick was orphaned at a young age and he was taken in by Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. Batman then trains Dick to become Robin and once Robin is replaced by the next one called Jason Todd, Dick Grayson goes on to become a superhero all on his own called Nightwing. Just like Batman, Nightwing has no superpowers and just uses his acrobatic abilities and his weapons to fight against all villains. The first live-action adaptation of Nightwing was done in the TV show called Titans where Dick first started as Robin and then went in to become Nightwing.

The Flash

The Flash is also one of the most loved characters in the DC Universe. He is also a member of the Justice League and has been a part of animated movies, the live-action movie, and was also a part of the Injustice game. He has an entire TV show dedicated to himself and you can stream the show on Netflix just as soon as you get a good internet connection. The Flash’s real name is Barry Allen and he can run faster than light. This also gives him the ability to travel through time because of his high speed and these points where Flash travels in time is referred to as Flashpoints. Due to this, the Flash is considered one of the coolest superheroes that DC has created.

In Conclusion

If you are an avid DC fan, then you would probably already know about these superheroes. Even if you are not a fan, these are some superheroes that you should know about since they make DC as iconic as DC is, especially when it comes to animated movies!

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