The Best Materials For Kitchen Countertops

The Best Materials For Kitchen Countertops

Selecting the right countertop material is usually one of the first steps to creating a functional kitchen. There are numerous options to choose from, with some being more common, and others looking better and priced differently from others. Here are the best materials to consider for your new kitchen countertops.


Soapstone is a natural material that is typically dark gray and that has a silky texture. It is often used in place of other natural materials like granite. It was used as a countertop in historic homes, and as a sink material in many modern homes. It can also form a patina that can be very attractive in certain kitchens.

Soapstone is highly resistant to stains, can be repaired by sanding, and is very impervious to heat. It can darken over time, must be treated with mineral oil, and can also be scratched and dented.


Granite is one of the hardest natural stones and this makes it the perfect choice for those looking for a durable countertop that looks great. It can be on the pricier side, but there are lots of companies that sell affordable options for homeowners with different budgets.

Granite gives kitchens an elegant and luxurious look and feel, and this is why it is the material of choice for high-end homes. Homeowners can also shop for personalized granite options for a custom look. If you are a homeowner in the Detroit area, you can source Detroit granite countertops from World Stone.


Another natural material, marble has become very popular in homes using natural stone. Each slab of marble is unique, which means each countertop is unique. Marble is a composite stone made up of several minerals including graphite and calcite. How these minerals relate to and layer over each other is what gives this material its unique look.

Marble is quite expensive, and this is why it is used on sections of the kitchen such as the countertop and kitchen island. Although it looks great, it is prone to scratching and stains, so you have to seal it and keep up with its maintenance.

It is heatproof and waterproof, is exceptionally beautiful, and can add tremendous value to a home.


Quartz is also called engineered stone. After all, it is a man-made material made from natural materials. A typical quartz slab consists of about 93% quartz and mineral particles that are bound using resin and then shaped into the slabs used in kitchens.

It is a beautiful material, but its biggest downside is that it does not withstand heat at all. However, it holds up much better to different cleaning chemicals and suppliers than other natural stone materials.

Some companies create quartz slabs that look like marble slabs with beautiful veining and similar

While there are other materials you could use for your countertops like copper and wood, the ones above look amazing and are more durable in comparison. They also improve your home’s value and are very easy to maintain.

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