The best molds are made with silicone.

Silicone cake molds are a wonderful way to make cakes or cupcakes. They can be used for everything from simple single-layer cakes to elaborately layered cake creations like mousse cake silicone molds. These molds also come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to create unique cake designs.

What is silicone?

Silicone is a type of plastic made from a polymer called silicone. Silica gel is often used in kitchenware and toys due to its non-toxic, heat-resistant, smooth surface, and other characteristics.

The difference between silicone and plastic

If you plan to use either material for mold making, there are some key differences between silicone and plastic. Silicone is non-toxic, heat-resistant, and has a relatively low melting point, so it can easily be molded into flexible shapes. Plastic tends to be more toxic and less heat resistant than silicone, it also has a higher melting point, so it’s less flexible and requires more effort to form into complex shapes.

Types of silicone molds

There are many silicone molds, each capable of producing different types of objects. Here are some of the most common types of silicone molds:

  1. Foam molds: These molds are used to create foam-filled objects, using them to create characters, animals, and even objects made of foam.
  2. Silicone Cookie Moulds: These molds are used to make cookies, and you can use them to create cookies of all shapes and sizes.

Why choose XinHongFa

One of the first companies to offer silicone product R & D, design, and production integration solution services was XinHongFa, a factory founded in 2004 and currently located in Dongguan city. With a professional team and over 300 employees, we currently occupy 10,000 square meters of space.

To increase quality and efficiency while maintaining growth as a major player in the silicone rubber products industry, XHF continuously improved the system’s design. To this end, it established four departments for producing solid silicone rubber products, liquid silicone rubber products, plastic products, molds, and a dust-free workshop. In addition, the company has looked into a coordinated and efficient production mode, from receiving samples to verifying samples to open mold receiving order production, between efficiency and quality.

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