The only plumbing solution to a drainage problem.

The only plumbing solution to a drainage problem.

Plumbing problems caused by trash or waste buildup are typical in Sydney. It is possible for simple issues like clogged drains and blocked pipes to escalate into more severe issues quickly. Left unattended, a blocked drain in Sydney can lead to several undesirable outcomes, including flooding, corrosion, leaks, and even the rupture of water pipe joints themselves. Fortunately, clogged gutters may be removed at home if discovered early enough. However, a professional plumber is required for more major drain clogs in Sydney.

If you’ve had issues with clogs and blocked pipes and are curious how to avoid them in the future, check the following lists of the most prevalent causes.

Firstly, there’s the hair.

Drain clogs in Australian houses are frequently caused by hair, both human and animal. Bathroom sinks, tubs, showers, and washer troughs can become clogged with hair. When it comes to clogs, hair is the most common culprit because it tends to become caught in and attach to other types of residues, such as soap and grease. Keep your drains clear of hair buildup by using drain covers and cleaning them often to keep them free of obstructions.

A buildup of toilet paper

The accumulation of toilet paper can also cause a blocked drain in Sydney. No drain obstruction is likely when using the recommended amount of toilet paper. It’s better to use a limited amount of paper at a time. Clogs can form in the toilet when you use too much toilet paper, preventing it from flushing correctly. A toilet paper clog may often be cleared using a plunger, toilet auger or drainage cleaner. If water still flows through the toilet when you flush it, you can perform these DIY solutions. However, if your bathroom is filling up and not emptying, you will have to call a qualified plumber.

The amount of food that is thrown away

In the kitchen, food waste is inevitable, but if it clogs your kitchen sink’s drain, it can lead to significant problems. Food waste should never be washed down the sink drain, even if your sink has a garbage disposal. Especially dangerous for your gutters are food items that don’t decompose, such as ground coffee and tea leaves. Instead of throwing away food waste, consider using compost buckets. Sodium bicarbonate and vinegar can be used to clean minor kitchen sink clogs.

Leaves and other plant debris

It’s normal for exterior drains to become clogged up with leaves, grass, and other debris. Keeping your drain outlets clear of trash and covering them with grills is the easiest method to avoid this. This form of obstruction can be addressed at home, but if the problem is more serious, you’ll need the assistance of a professional.

The worst thing that may happen with your home’s plumbing is a clogged toilet or sewage line.

It can be unappealing, stinky, and expensive to repair if the obstruction is deep within the system. Many things can clog sewage systems, but wet wipes are among the most common culprits these days.

Everything from baby bottoms to automobile dashboards is cleaned using these everyday household cleaners in today’s world. On the other hand, Wipes must never be flushed away because they take a long time to decompose. Your plumbing system could become obstructed or ruptured due to its presence in the system.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Some wipes are labelled “flushable,” but that doesn’t mean they should be flushed. Instead, toss them in the trash to avoid clogging your pipes.

With the Australian Competition And Consumer Protection Commission going against wet wipes producers for labelling their goods as flushable recently, some low court cases have been filed in Australia.

It’s been a mixed blessing, with some cases siding with the ACCC and others siding with the ACCC.

Nonetheless, the Three Ps are recommended for disposal of wet wipes: Put, Put, Put. You won’t likely cause any damage or blockage if you unintentionally flush one, maybe two of these down the toilet. The danger of getting a severe blockage from something that could have been avoided increases if you do it regularly.

An emergency plumber will be able to help you with any blocked pipes you may have, no matter what the cause is.

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