The stress of the child: There is always a reason

The stress of the child: There is always a reason

Today the stress that is common to adolescents Most of the time, this is caused by too many homework reports that you can’t keep up with. When not in time, it caused stress, did not want to study, did not want to work, asked if we would let this stress a cumulative problem? How do we find a solution to the stress of today’s teens? There are several school and college projects such as essay writing, lab work, any outside activity that is increasing the stress in teenagers.

“A child can’t do it, can’t do it in time, he’ll be self-indulgent. When the parents saw the children like this, they lost their hearts as they were. The children were worried instead of the children bully to the teachers again. Even if the teachers are not strong enough Or not having a good enough solution Will become more indulgent to students, which really looks like this It’s not right. ”

The solution is that the teacher has to look at himself. What if there is a good enough teaching method, create a teaching and learning atmosphere that makes children feel fun enough. “Has the teacher talked enough with the children? When you do homework, do you report too much? Give it too little time? How much to fit? The teacher has to agree with the child. Where the child was involved in that agreement Not waiting, but taking orders And then having to sit back and stress, suppress it until it becomes all stress and repression, and finally society will label that what happened is always the fault of the teacher. ”

Children must feel homework
Factors leading to the stress of having a lot of reported homework in teenagers The source should be from a teacher. How is the teacher teaching? Are you kind to children? Pamper him to pay attention to us? Makes the teaching and learning atmosphere fun?
“Did the teachers consider anything? What exactly do you want your child to gain from school, hard work, lots of homework, or to enjoy studying and doing activities? With a clear mind and brain, the next is that the student is studying or doing homework. If these two factors are not ok When children receive a lot of homework reports Will cause stress Even if any child is not interested in studying as the original capital Will cause discouragement And abandoned school at all Because it is beyond the point that children can do It is better to do other things, such as playing games.” The fun should never be missing in the homework, the children must do homework with lots of fun.

For parents If you encounter this situation, if you continue to rebuke or be too harsh on your child Will make children resist Not cooperating Causing problems in family relationships even more
“Parents should help Without using a strict or rebuttal But we should let him be able to take responsibility for life by himself. We just watch from a distance. Helping children with homework reports it’s not a valid solution. If the child has a problem, we have to talk to the teacher or the school. Parents and parents gather to complain to the school is a good way. Don’t forget that helping your child with homework. Our children will not learn, develop, and become vulnerable. If my parents still bully me for school children If the child can tell himself that the study, homework, reports Is the challenge of life Like we play games Which is fun and challenging It will help the child to have a better attitude towards these things. Do not become bored, discouraged, and weak until it becomes a burden on parents. Or blame the teacher, However, the child had to successfully conquer that report homework. To train responsibility just like playing a game. This is his own motivation. If teachers and parents can catch this fun spot and make it happen to children all the time It should make the child relax, enjoy life, and not become stressed as it is. ”

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