Thermal protectors: essential safety and protection devices

Thermal protectors: essential safety and protection devices

Using electrical equipment is an inevitable part of people’s lives. To prevent overheating of appliances and ensure safety, it is essential to install thermal protectors on all heat-generating equipment. Thermal protectors are also essential to prevent circuit damage by preventing the circuit from overheating.

What is a thermal protector?

A thermal protector is a safety device used to help protect electronic equipment from overheating.

Thermal protectors come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in different appliances, such as microwaves and range hoods that require different types and sizes of heaters.

How are thermal protectors used by people as safety devices?

Thermal protectors are essential safety protection devices for electrical equipment. Thermal protectors are designed to help reduce the risk of overheating and fire:

The thermal protector can automatically disconnect the circuit when the current of the electrical equipment increases and the surrounding temperature rises and exceeds the temperature set value of the thermal protector so that the electrical appliance is protected. When the device cools down to a safe temperature, the contacts can automatically close again, allowing the electrical appliance to work normally again. The thermal protector also has the function of overcurrent protection: when the circuit is short-circuited or the motor is blocked, the thermal effect is generated on the bimetallic sheet due to the rapid increase of the current, so that the thermal sensitive sheet can quickly cut off the current contact point by using the torque principle.

Therefore, thermal protectors can automatically cut off the power when appliances such as refrigerators or microwave ovens are overworked, preventing more serious things such as fire accidents.

Saftty’s Thermal Protector Products

  1. Round thermal protector ST01: The ST01 series is a miniature thermal protector switch with good certification. The temperature range is 60-250 degrees, and the maximum operating voltage is 500VAC/60VDC. ST01 series thermal protector has good sealing performance and high working efficiency. It is also the first round or button-type thermal protector made in China that has been certified by CQC, UL, TUV, etc.
  2. BW-BCM iron shell thermal protector: BW series thermal protectors are specially used for motors, rechargeable battery packs, and other products, with small size, high strength, and high-temperature resistance. The inside is equipped with a quick-action bimetal, which has a fast response speed. It also has an anti-vacuum dipping process for good sealing.


Thermal protectors are essential safety and protection devices for anyone working with electrical equipment, whether in the kitchen or a manufacturing facility. Not only do they help protect the user’s device from damage, but they also keep the user safe.

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