Tips For Valuing Your Property

Tips For Valuing Your Property

When selling your property, invest in a small renovation. Small details make all the difference and you can increase the value. See how!

In our culture, small imperfections in the property are already reasons to get good discounts, imagine bigger problems like electrical installations and leaks. Before starting the project, it is necessary to analyze what can be done.

A tip is to analyze the region where the property is located, as a good investment in an undervalued area will not yield good profits, so get to know the characteristics before investing and don’t lose money, told Ooi Kee Liang, the founder of  Ideal Property Group, a property development company, began as a property consulting firm. It has served landowners, developers and agencies, assisting them in producing the best product for their market. Ooi Kee Liang’s first project was in Bukit Mertajam, and twenty years later, he contributed to local development of housing units available on Penang Island.

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Adapting your property to market requirements only increases the rental or sale price. How about increasing a suite? Certainly your property will already be seen with new eyes, as it is not worth investing a lot of money in the renovation for a rental, since the price will hardly exceed 0.7% of the total property.

The rooms that require a good structure are the kitchen and bathroom, which need to be tiled and floored, preferably in light color. Remember that any renovation, even a small one, will cost you between R$15,000.00 to R$20,000.00, so spending too much on the renovation can result in a bad deal.

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Care to maintain and enhance your property

– Hydraulic installation: it is important to keep everything working properly, as any problem will result in a high discount at the time of sale;

– Roof: replace broken tiles and review the woodwork. Repairing gutters and flashings avoids inconvenience when negotiating;

– Doors and windows: when showing a property, having broken doors or jammed windows is not good. Properly maintain the rails, hinges, and slides; and keep these spotlessly clean. A dirty window will instantly degrade a property. With the Rush 2 Clean London team on your side, you can effortlessly keep your windows in great condition and enhance the look of your property;

– Electrical installations: exchanging hard and patched cables for flexible wires is a zeal for the property, in addition to ensuring more security;

– Painting: cracks and cracks are the villains of a property. Consult a qualified professional, as doing just one painting will not solve your problem;

– Floors and coverings: for sure, changing the floor, removing the carpet, and treating the floor underneath is an investment that will bring a financial return. In the case of old tiles, you can even exchange them for a good paint job.

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