Top Steps to Take After a Proposal

Whether it came out of the blue or whether you knew that it was going to happen, a proposal can be a life-altering and yet exciting milestone in a relationship, and this means that often people have no idea what they should do next. Below are some ideas for what to do immediately after the proposal – remember to have some fun and relax before the main organizing happens.

Find a Wedding Dress

After the venue and the location, your wedding dress might be the most important part of your wedding to you, and an element that you have been thinking about for many years. Instead of focusing on the practicalities of your wedding, it can sometimes be nice to take a step back and think about the dress that you want to wear. This is a fun thing to do which doesn’t involve compromise with your partner. You should consider looking through wedding magazines and Pinterest boards for inspiration. Once you have decided on the type of dress that you want, you should consider looking at different designer brands, such as a Ronald Joyce wedding dresses. By having a look far and wide you will be able to see all the styles that are available and will find the right one for you.

Tell Your Loved Ones

Many of your loved ones may feel left out of your special occasion if you neglect to tell them about your engagement for weeks or months. Therefore, instead of leaving it for ages until you tell the people that you are closest with about your engagement, you should talk to your loved ones as soon as possible, before they find out about your engagement from someone else. You will then be able to share your excitement with them and will be able to rope them into the wedding planning that you need to perform next.

Take Some Time for Yourself

The days and weeks after a proposal can be a whirlwind of excitement and preparation. Although you might be filled with positive emotions, the pressure of an engagement and an upcoming wedding can be difficult to handle. Therefore, you should make sure that you take a few moments to yourself to gather your thoughts and to think about what you want. You might also consider planning a date night with your partner, wedding organization and preparation is stressful on both parties – there is a lot to get done and decided, as well as the normal family politics that start to come in. Make sure you are spending time together as a couple outside of the wedding prep.

Talk to Your Partner

It is no good getting engaged without an idea of what your life will look like once you are married. It is important to sit down and discuss the wedding with your partner, as well as financial and legal issues. This will make sure that you can sort out all the practicalities quickly and that these are not aspects of your life that you need to be concerned about later. You should also try to be open with them about your feelings when it comes to the wedding, especially if you are daunted by the prospect of getting married, no matter how much you want to.

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