Two Styles Of Bus Engines From Yuchai Are Eecommended For You

Bus engines are the heart of a bus. They provide power, but also keep a good balance of fuel efficiency and power while in motion. There are many different types of bus engines on the market, so this article is going to take a look at these two models from Yuchai that should be considered for your next purchase.

YCK11-60 Diesel Engine

This Yuchai bus engine is 12% lighter than 6MK. The power coverage of the bus engine is 430~500Ps and its applicable models are buses > 12 meters. The following are the advantages of this style of bus engine:

  1. Great rail pressure, a supercharger with high efficiency, a unique linear overhead camshaft, and an airway with high inflation efficiency. Maximum power and torque are 10% higher than the Euro V engine, which is better than competing products.
  2. Vermicular graphite iron cylinder heads with high strength, premium parts, cutting-edge cooling, and in-cylinder brake technology.

YCK08-60 Diesel Engine

The engine power of this bus covers 280~330Ps, and the applicable models are 10~12m city buses and 9~11.5m buses. The following are the advantages of this bus engine:

  1. Professional intelligence. Remote control, thermal management, intelligent assisted driving, intelligent fuel saving.
  2. Relatively secure and cozy. The exhaust butterfly valve can be removed, and 206KW in-cylinder braking power, and secure and dependable braking. Design for electrical components and wiring harness that is leak-proof for oil circuits as well as waterproof and fireproof. Due to noise-reducing components and high-precision gears, K08’s calibration point noise is 3% less than YC6L’s.
  3. Robust and trustworthy. Reverse cooling technology with high efficiency and high-strength vermicular graphite iron cylinder heads.


Yuchai has been in the engine industry for 60 years. If you are interested in our two engines, we can answer all the information about our engines for you. You are also welcome to consult other related engines!

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