Ultimate Car Detailing Guide Interior And Exterior Car Detailing

Ultimate Car Detailing Guide: Interior And Exterior Car Detailing

Do you want to get the interior and exterior of your car cleaned? Go for the car detailing services. You just have to contact the doorstep car cleaning in delhi and get the shine of your car restored with car detailing. Through this article, you will get to know all about car detailing services.

What is referred to as car detailing?

Car detailing service clean and protect the car from top to bottom through the usage of different tools and techniques. It is quite different from car washing. Car washing just includes the services to clean the car from outside, whereas car detailing implies cleaning of interior and exterior of the car. Also, car detailing is the service that helps repair car scratches. With car detailing your car will look as good as a new one.

What does interior car detailing include?

The interior car detailing is a much detailed and time-consuming procedure. Here are the steps that are followed when providing interior car detailing service:

  1. Vacuuming: A vacuum cleaner is used to clean the interior of the car by removing dust or dirt particles. The AC vents are also cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Brushing and cleaning: The mats and carpets placed in the car are scrubbed to brush off the dust. If your car has leather covers, then they can also be cleaned and polished to give a better look.
  3. Glass cleaning: The glasses of your car will be cleaned using proper and authentic glass cleaner to make sure that the windows of the car are squeaky clean and thus, the view of the driver is not hindered when driving.
  4. Perfuming: this is the last step of interior car detailing. In this step, the interior of the car is disinfected, and aromatic fragrant perfume is sprayed to give your car a good smell.

What does exterior car detailing include?

When it comes to the heart of the car, it is its engine. If it’s facing any issue then contact the online car service in delhi and book an appointment for exterior car detailing, make sure to get the engine cleaned. Here are the steps that are followed when providing exterior car detailing service:


  1. Car washing: It is better to get your car hand washed rather than machine washed. Car shampoo is used to clean the exterior of the car by removing the dust particles.
  2. Surface claying: In this step, the dirt which didn’t get off through car shampoo is removed by the clay bar.
  3. Rubbing and polishing: After the car is cleaned, it is polished. Either through machines or manually the original polish on the paint surface is removed and a new wax coat is applied.
  4. Paint sealing: Paint sealing is done by a professional to protect your vehicle using car wax. Through this step, the brand-new shine of your car is restored.

Bottom Line

If you think your car not only exterior but also interior needs a deep cleaning and protection from car scratches, then go for any car service at doorstep in delhi providing car detailing.

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