Unleashing Efficiency in Molecular Diagnostics: Tianlong’s GeneFlex Enhances Lab Operations

Delivering unparalleled performance, Tianlong’s GeneFlex stands out as a pivotal solution in the realm of molecular diagnostics. This sophisticated nucleic acid extraction system is meticulously designed to cater to the dynamic needs of high-throughput laboratories, offering both flexibility and precision in its operations. With its robust capabilities and the recognition of its innovative design, GeneFlex serves as a cornerstone for laboratories aiming to elevate their diagnostic standards.

Adaptive Design Maximizes Throughput

The hallmark of GeneFlex is its adaptive design, capable of configuring up to 16 x n different throughputs. This functionality allows laboratories to handle varied project demands simultaneously, with each module operating independently to prevent cross-contamination. Such flexibility is indispensable in today’s fast-paced research and clinical environments, where the ability to scale and adapt can significantly impact operational efficiency.

Automation Enhances Precision and Ease

With its automated system features, GeneFlex reduces the need for manual intervention, thereby minimizing the likelihood of errors and increasing the reliability of results. From automatic identification of reagents to precise positioning of mixing sleeves, GeneFlex ensures that operations are not only faster but also consistently accurate. The added benefit of remote upgrades and maintenance keeps the system at the cutting edge of technology, ready to meet future challenges.

Flexible Operation Across Various Environments

GeneFlex is uniquely equipped with a mobile power supply, enabling it to perform in diverse settings beyond traditional laboratories. This versatility ensures that high-quality nucleic acid extraction is possible in field studies, remote locations, and various clinical settings, broadening the scope of its applicability and utility.


GeneFlex by Tianlong redefines what is achievable in nucleic acid extraction with its innovative design and versatile capabilities. As it sets new standards in molecular diagnostics, GeneFlex proves to be an invaluable asset for laboratories worldwide, driving advancements in health diagnostics and research.

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