Wardrobes that can change the feel of your home

Wardrobes that can change the feel of your home

Everyone has a memory of their childhood when they are curious about all the things that adults have stashed away in their cupboards. The older versions of cupboards were the almirah or ornate wardrobes that were made out of solid wood and had a mirror in the front. These were built to last and had natural properties that protected the clothes stored within. These blended right in with the rest of the furniture and looked like they were a part of the showpieces rather than storage pieces. Taking inspiration from these, the latest designs have been modified to look like they are a part of the entire ensemble. 

The storage options for a kid’s room

The chaos that ensues within the confines of four walls in a kid’s room is enough to make a person feel like they live in a toy store. The challenge in a kid’s room is not only to organize the room but to make it interesting and choose storage options that encourage the kids to organize the room themselves. The things to watch out for when choosing storage options for kids’ rooms are that the box or cupboard should be reachable for the toddler. The contraption to open or close the wardrobe should not be very complicated. 

The storage options for a couple

If you are sharing the storage space with your spouse, it can be a fight for space. But one of the best ways you can organize your stuff is to assign shelves, slots, and spaces for similar items. If you have a corner for shoes, stack all your shoes in the same place. If you have a temperature and humidity-controlled place where you place your jackets, then make sure both of you store them in the same place. This saves a lot of space and at the same time, your wardrobe is more organized. A dressing table works wonders when you wish to segregate and organize the perfumes, watches, and other accessories that require a proper place to keep. 

The storage options for books and stationery

Displaying books is a great choice and wall shelves full of books transform any wall and any room. It can look like a library and with the perfect lighting and a reading chair, you can transform a simple wall into a cozy reading corner. Books don’t need to be confined to cupboards. However, stationery rarely looks great lying around unless on a work or laptop desk. You can opt for a chest of drawers to organize your stationery. It can be paints, paper, colours, brushes, canvases, and all the items that you use. The chest of drawers is also a great opportunity to display some of your items in the house, starting with your artwork! 

The number of options available in the market ensures you get your pick from the whimsical to the fancy and ornate storage items. The wide range of cupboards can dramatically transform your space from a house to a home. 

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