What Are Headsets?

Headsets, as previously stated, are physically identical to headphones. There is one significant distinction.

A microphone, to be precise, and a headset is a headphone with a microphone based solely on appearance.

It’s evident that a headset produces sound like a headphone, and it also receives sounds and sends them to another device as signals.

Headsets allow users to listen and speak without having to use their hands.

What are the Functions of Headsets?

Wireless or corded headsets are available, and a mini-plug or a USB connector is required for the wired version.

The audio jack is a mini-plug with a port that can be identified by a color code or a symbol that looks like an arrow pointing out an antenna to indicate outgoing signals.

Plug the audio jack or USB connector into the appropriate ports on the laptop or audio device.

The wireless headsets use the radio frequency or other wireless frequencies to convey signals. Wearers who need to be mobile but are confined by connecting wires are more likely to utilize these.

Headsets can differ in terms of the microphones they have. We have the Noise-cancelling Microphone Headset and the Omnidirectional Microphone Headset.

The Omnidirectional Microphone Headset, as the name suggests, picks up sound from all directions (all angles).

The Noise Cancelling Microphone Headset, on the other hand, includes a bi-directional microphone that only accepts sound from within a certain distance.

Wired headsets come with two sets of connecting wires: one for the headset (to receive audio signals from the computer) and the other for the microphone to connect to the computer (to send the audio signals to the computer).

How to care for your Headphones/Headsets

Both headphones and headsets have casual as well as formal use. Misuse or inappropriate treatment of your headphones however, can lead to damage or dysfunction.

Getting a headphone stand is one way you can take care of your headphones when they’re not in use.

Cleaning your headphone or headset is also important, though not a very common phenomenon.

However, if your headset is already damaged, or indicating failure, you can take a few steps to repair the damage.

  1. Check and replace the audio jack.
  2. Examine and tweak the sound controls if the sound is low.

Otherwise, get a new pair of headphones/headsets and enjoy a beautiful immersive experience.


Both gadgets will be efficient if used appropriately, and for the right purpose.

Technically, a headset is a pair of headphones accompanied by a mic. If you do not need the mic, there is no use having a headset.

That being said, if you need a personal device to hear audio, get headphones. But if you want to hear audio as well as respond to it, get a headset.

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