What Are the AED Must-Knows?

Non-professionals can utilize a portable automated external defibrillator (AED) to resuscitate patients suffering from cardiac arrest and make the most of the emergency time. Because of the increased stress of modern life, including work and school, sudden cardiac death does occur periodically, making the AED purchase more essential. Today, when utilizing an AED, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s take the procedures of using Mindray AED for example.

To clear up some misunderstandings

AEDs differ from large-scale defibrillators in three key respects.

Initially, whereas large-scale defibrillators can only be used by medical professionals, both trained medical personnel and inexperienced laypeople can use AEDs.

Besides, AEDs can be used in various locations, whereas defibrillators can merely be used in hospital wards, operating rooms, examination rooms, ambulances, and clinics.

AEDs may also automatically assess the patient’s heart rate, decide whether to discharge, and select the energy, whereas defibrillators depend on medical professionals to determine whether to discharge and the amount of energy based on changes in the patient’s ECG.

How should first aid be administered while using an AED?

First, ascertain the condition of the person if cardiac arrest is discovered. Call the emergency number right away, begin CPR on the patient, and simultaneously locate someone to obtain the local AED equipment. If the patient is unconscious, unresponsive, or not breathing on his own, give first aid following the AED’s instructions.

It has been shown that using high-quality, user-friendly, cutting-edge AED devices like Mindray can significantly boost the success rate of first assistance for cardiac arrest patients. To find out more, go to their website.

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