What are Woollen Rugs, and Why are They Suitable for Your Home?

Rugs have always been aesthetically pleasing and are known for elevating the design and features of a room. But it is not just pleasing to the eyes. The quality of a well-crafted rug is also soft to the touch and extremely comfortable to use.

For your house, where you need a sturdy piece with attention-grabbing features, woollen rugs come first in demand.

Thus, it is essential to understand why wool rugs are so in demand and why one should buy them over other options.

Woollen rugs are handwoven rugs that are mostly made of natural fibres. It is durable and one of the best examples of heritage heirlooms in the world. The usage of wool for rugs is not new and has been around us for more than 500 years. One of the best examples of this craftmanship is the world-famous cashmere rugs, Fine Merino rugs, and carpets from New Zealand.

Below are the reasons why wool rugs are the most suitable for your home.


The most prominent quality of wool rugs is their durability and strength. In your house, you will most likely use a carpet almost every day, and for such intense use, you need to choose something that will last a long time. Wool is very unsusceptible, which is why it adds to the rug’s durability.

These mats are also very flexible, making them resistant to footsteps or furniture indenting. You can stretch the fibre up to 30–40% of its size and revert to its natural shape.


Wool can resist soil naturally, making the rugs soil-resistant and steam resistant. It is almost more than 30% steam resistant than most fibres as they have microscopic scales that don’t let any dirt stay on its surface.


These rugs are also flame-immune because, in a situation where they might catch on fire, they will likely char and not burn. It has a higher ignition temperature, which makes it difficult to ignite a wool rug. Wool can also self-extinguish the flames and burn slower than most fibres.


Wool can absorb water, which makes the rugs water-resistant. If the air around you is humid, the carpet will absorb the moisture in it and release excess moisture. That way, the moisture levels in your home stay balanced. It may not be fit for extremely damp areas like a bathroom or basements, but it is the best choice for private rooms.

Provides Warmth

Woollen rugs are hot, making them the perfect companion for winter. You can also warm your feet to escape the chill of winter.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the essential properties of woollen mats is their renewable qualities. They are biodegradable, so if you do not need your rug anymore, you can throw it out at a suitable place where it will decompose and turn into nutrients.

It can also be recycled as you can reuse it as a decorative piece and cut them into strips to protect trees and prevent soil loss or erosion.

In Conclusion

Rather than thinking about whether you should buy wool rugs or not, it is advisable to use them first and then see the effects. Even if you have second thoughts about buying them, know they are the first choice for almost every rug buyer.

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