What Is a COB LED Display?

Before COB LED displays are realized, a certain period must pass. There is no defined cost for the time it takes to create and deploy, per the conditions of the agreement with the corporate application ad unit. Instead, the structure may be finished in less than two weeks with no issues and under ideal conditions. Implementing it could take a month, three months, or even longer. The basic rule is that billboards should be set up for a month or more before a marketing campaign. Ensure you have enough time to finish to reduce risk and avoid interfering with your outside activities.

What benefits might COB LED screens have?

  1. Increase brand recognition

Since COB LED displays are so common in cities, there are very severe requirements for their aesthetics. For example, beautiful billboards typically catch the attention of passersby and prompt active brand memory, making it easy for consumers to identify the product displayed in the advertisement.

  1. introduce new products

A large population density ensures that panoramic advertising is always viewed more frequently and reaches a sizable audience. Therefore, using billboards for promotions promoting new products is ideal.

  1. Attract more customers and increase conversions

Everyone may view a spectacular billboard thanks to the COB LED display and its huge proportions. From there, it is easy to entice customers and convince them to purchase more goods from the businesses promoted on Pano.

  1. COB LED displays are integrated with many more tools.

Outdoor billboards are easily integrated with other media and technological systems. For example, placing many outdoor advertisements, including bus and taxi advertisements, is possible. In particular, it is simple for advertisements to appear in movies and pictures of many people that are then shared online.


Whether you purchase or rent them, decorating public event spaces with LED displays would be a great idea. The LED display can play weather, exchange rates, breaking news, and other information, making it an efficient and modern source of mass information that is very important to locals. All-pixel, full flip-chip common cathode COB LED panel from LP Display‘s Black Spirit series. Upgrades are sped up and simplified using a single platform. Are you overjoyed? Then contact us as soon as possible.

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