What Is Video Marketing And Why Is It Important For Small Businesses

Most people believe that video marketing requires a high budget. It would help if you perfected the art of videography and studied video marketing statistics. After all, for a high lead generation, there is a hefty investment behind it. But we’ll let you in on a secret. You can create professional video with online video editor tool to make stunning videos with your smartphone and generate the same leads.

All you need to create a video marketing campaign is a camera (your smartphone works too!), a topic, and a bit of creativity. This amalgamation will have customers rolling in. It will induce the push your company needs for growth, especially if your business is small. Still unsure? Given below are some facts to convince you:

What is Video Marketing?

It is incorporating the video medium into your marketing strategy. It is a powerful tool in marketing that allows you to engage with your audience effectively. For example, videos can be used to promote your business, the services and products offered, or facilitate customer engagement.

The company planned and recorded raw footage is consolidated for edits to complete the final video. Subsequently, the video is posted on social media platforms such as YouTube (entirely video-based), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Posting video content on social media channels will increase brand awareness. Marketing on these accessible platforms increases sales.

What is the importance of Video Marketing?

Each day, the number of businesses (small and big) adopting video marketing strategies are only growing larger. They understand how crucial it is to plan a highly effective marketing strategy. In addition, video marketing is significant for brand awareness.

Brand awareness is a crucial driving factor for businesses to succeed. Consumers tend to trust brands they are familiar with, making selling smoother. Small businesses should aim to increase this, and video advertising is the perfect way to do it.

Small businesses adopting this strategy successfully generate leads, converts, and brand awareness. Some have even solely dedicated time to focus on video marketing as they understand the benefits one can gain from it. However, perhaps you aren’t convinced because you aren’t aware of the advantages. Let us discuss the benefits of video marketing next.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Social media platforms have been revolutionary for the marketing industry. It has allowed users to reach people in the most isolated parts of the world. However, not everyone wants to know what you have to offer simply because you can reach them. You need to be able to reach them and pique their interest. It would help if you kept them hooked. A simple blog with an image attached may not be the most effective way.

The world of social media is highly vibrant, informative, yet fast-paced. Not many are willing to stop and read through your blogs. Unfortunately, images don’t do the job either. While it is fast-paced, it limits your ability to communicate information. It disinterests users as well. However, videos, being only a minute or two long, can communicate multitudes of information.

Here are some more benefits of video marketing:

Impact Duration: Textual or image posts tend to be less active on social media. You can miss out on a good chunk of potential leads. However, videos tend to stick around for longer. It allows you to access many potentially interested users and eventually convert them.

Easy viewer engagement: We cannot stress this enough. Engagement is a necessary aspect of company growth. A simple text and image post will land you a few likes and comments. They do not compare to the engagement videos induce.

Videos, as mentioned above, generally contain and convey more information. These allow viewers to raise questions about your content in the comment section. You can answer them, which increases brand likeability. Additionally, the more comments, the more likely it is to increase the video reach and create an influx in sales.

Allows viewers to understand the product: The human brain is known to retain information better from audio-visual mediums rather than simple texts. Creating videos on your products will enable viewers to understand your product smoothly. The clarity in product display will increase their trust in your brand. It will allow them to purchase your product without hesitation.

Rank Higher in SEO: A tool known as Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is responsible for the order in your internet search results. It takes values such as keywords and their frequency, duration visitors spend, website reputation, the information contained in the content, and other variables to rank websites and pages. The higher up your website is, the more likely your brand will be discovered. Videos multiply your chances to rank higher in SEO.

Are you convinced now? Ready to get started with your video marketing strategy? Don’t worry, and we’ll help you get started too.

Where to Start?

To get started on video marketing, all you will need is a video recorder. And your smartphone is enough! So take out your smartphone, and pick a topic. Then, sketch out a plan, set a purpose for your video, and start recording!

As for the editing part, you can pick a video editor of your choice and get started. The better ones will have guides to help beginners navigate through their web app.

Video Example for Your Brand

There are a few basic video topics guaranteed to work well. Most companies using video marketing strategies, if not all, have a few of these videos.

Demo Products: Here, you want to explain your product and how to use it. It is an opportunity to convince your audience that the product is a necessity in their lives.

Behind-the-scenes: These videos allow you to show the human side of your business. The jokes, laughs, and insider tips you give them in the video will make them feel closer and special to your brand.

Educational: Don’t just give them demos, make the general public aware of products like yours. Give them tips to look out for when purchasing products like yours. Show that you are interested in helping them.


The earlier you get started, the faster your company will gain the recognition it deserves. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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