What’s So Special About The Electric Double Layer Capacitor?

New inventions always seem to be making their way onto the market, and a new invention coming out of China right now is no exception. With an electric double layer capacitor, you can store more than two times as much power as regular supercapacitors and offer twice the cycle life. Coming back to our initial question – what’s so special about this kind of ic components?

What is an Electric Double Layer Capacitor?

An electric double layer capacitor is a type of capacitor that uses two conductive layers of material, separated by an insulating layer. This structure allows the capacitor to store more energy than other capacitors and has several advantages over traditional, single-layer capacitors.

First, electric double layer capacitors can hold a greater charge than single-layer capacitors. This is due to the second advantage: electric double layer capacitors have a higher surface area to volume ratio, which means they can hold more charge per unit of space.

Another benefit of electric double layer capacitors is their ability to act as energy storage devices. When an electric current passes through the capacitor, it creates a voltage difference between the two layers. This voltage difference can be used to power electronic devices or store energy for later use.

How does an electric double layer capacitor work?

An electric double layer capacitor is a type of capacitor that stores energy in an electric field.

The principle behind an electric double layer capacitor is simple. A metal electrode is placed between two sheets of insulating material. The metal electrode creates a negative charge on one side of the capacitor and a positive charge on the other side. When these charges are opposites, they create an electric field that can hold energy.

An electric double layer capacitor also has other advantages over traditional capacitors. For example, it can hold more energy per unit volume than a regular capacitor and it doesn’t require any special power to operate.

Benefits of GFOOKIC electric double layer capacitors

Electrical double layer capacitors (EDLCs) are a relatively new invention in GFOOKIC that has several benefits that set them apart from other types of capacitors. EDLCs use two different types of materials, called anode and cathode, to create an electric field between them. This field allows electrons to flow freely and creates a capacitor with a much higher storage capacity than traditional capacitors.

One of the most important advantages of GFOOKIC’s EDLCs is their ability to store more power. Traditional capacitors can store up to 1 watt of power, while an EDLC can hold up to 10 watts of power. This makes them perfect for applications that need high levels of storage, such as battery packs for electric vehicles or large-scale energy storage systems.


In this article, we’ll attempt to answer the specificity of these electrical double layer capacitors of GFOOKIC.

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