Why is 4X4 Suspension Necessary for an Off-road Vehicle?

Why is 4X4 Suspension Necessary for an Off-road Vehicle?

People who love to travel off-road sometimes face this dilemma, “whether to go for a 4×4 suspension system or not.” This question is just the beginning of the confusion for those who are not well aware of the technical and practical parts of these systems. Some try installing a more extensive suspension irrespective of the size of their car, and some listen to their friends and install the suspension making their ground clearance illegal.

When selecting a proper suspension (4×4) for your pickup, your lifestyle and requirements matter greatly.

How does the four-by-four suspension work?

A four-by-four suspension is the best option if you have a 4WD (4-wheel drive) off-road vehicle. If you want to convert your vehicle’s regular suspension into a 4×4 suspension, you will find many advantages like comfort and a better driving experience. This kind of suspension is excellent on off-roads, and the driver also feels comfortable there.

This suspension is designed to improve the handling while driving off-road. So how does it do that? First, it absorbs the impact by dampening vibrations and bumps while driving through a rough surface.

This suspension gives you stability and control on the ground and diminishes the chances of body roll. Hence, the suspension will increase the tyre’s contact with the terrain you are on and the handling, resulting in a smooth driving experience.

While choosing the suspension for your pickup or SUV, you need to focus on one more thing—the springs.

Types of spring for your 4WD suspension:

You can get a variety of springs for your suspension, but make sure that they are of top quality and have warranties. Try to get the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts only.

  • Leaf springs—best for heavy load carriage
  • Torsion bars—to enhance performance on and off-road driving
  • Coil springs—improves ride quality and handling

There are popular types of spring available on the market, and you can choose the one your vehicle requires.

Next, let’s look at the varieties of 4×4 suspensions.

Here, you can choose from two types of suspensions, they are:

  • Solid axle suspension
  • Independent suspension (IFS)

Lastly, you must focus on the important factors while purchasing the 4-by-4 suspension. These factors will determine how much your comfort will be and how easily you can manoeuvre the vehicle through different terrains.

So, the essential factors to consider while purchasing the 4×4 suspensions are:

Weight capacity

You need a great suspension if you are planning to go camping/hiking/trekking. Also, if the Automobile has to carry more weight than usual, these suspensions will help bear the stress.

4WD flex

The flex is necessary for off-roading enthusiasts, and the suspension quality will determine how planted your tyres are to the surface. The traction will be good if you have an excellent suspension and the flex also determines how much it influences vehicle tilt.


Suppose you are travelling for more than three hours and need an excellent suspension in your vehicle. If you don’t have it, your backbone will be in bad condition as the journey ends.

These are the crucial factors you must consider when buying the suspension. Although, there are some more points you must consider. They are:

  • Durability
  • Terrain focused

Keep all these points, and your drive will be smooth and fun.

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