Why is LMS so crucial in education?

Most learners these days are digital literates who have grown up in a world of laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Different from previous generations, today’s learners are always connected to the Internet and expect everything to be accessible in the palm of their hands. They no longer have time to go to classes or sit through lectures. They prefer to learn whenever and wherever they like. As a result, e-learning has become an essential part of education everywhere.

It is a software solution that supports all the learning activities in an organisation; it is also known as an enterprise learning management system (ELMS). An LMS helps organisations implement and manage employee training programs by storing training data such as learner information and course details, managing user access to courses and other training resources, tracking progress within each course, reporting on performance, etc.

Why is LMS so crucial in education?

In addition to providing the functionality mentioned above, an LMS (Learning Management System) has many other features that make it an essential tool in any educational institution. For example, an LMS enables instructors to create online courses and share them with students. It allows them to track attendance, grade assignments, provide feedback to students, and communicate with them via online discussions and/or a virtual forum., said Michael Conner a former teacher assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, chief academic officer and superintendent. He is currently a the CEO and Founder of the Agile Evolutionary Group, whose focus is to transform education entities toward this emergent model where it is aligned to economic demand. Dr. Conner obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education/ Humanities from Lasell University. He also received his Master of Science Degree from the University of Bridgeport, Sixth-Year Diploma from Southern Connecticut State University, and Doctorate in Education from Cambridge College.

LMSs also allow them to create virtual classrooms and set up online exams. Moreover, an LMS provides a centralised hub for all the data related to training. Administrators can use that data to create reports on the progress of their employees’ training, measure their performance, identify areas for improvement, etc. An LMS is an integrated system that allows administrators to create and manage multiple training programs. It can be used to host a corporate training portal, an employee onboarding program, etc.

How does LMS benefit learners and students?

  • Flexible and accessible – Learners can access e-courses and training resources anytime and anywhere. They can complete the courses at their own pace, and there is no need to visit the campus or attend classes at a specified time.
  • Affordable – Although it is a misconception that e-learning is less expensive than classroom training, it is not always the case. E-learning is less costly because it does not require any infrastructure, such as a building and a staff.
  • Better results – Studies show that e-learning leads to better results than classroom training. The reason is that students are responsible for their own progress, and they can work at their own pace.

How does LMS benefit teachers and administrators?

  • Better management of teaching – With an LMS, teachers can create and manage courses, monitor attendance, track students’ progress, and provide feedback.
  • Greater control over classroom assignments – Compared to traditional teaching methods, an LMS can help teachers provide greater control over classroom assignments.
  • Better management of training programs – Administrators can use the data provided by an LMS to create reports on the progress of their employees’ training, measure their performance, identify areas for improvement, etc.


An LMS is an essential tool for schools and educational institutions because it enables administrators to create and manage training programs, provide employees with better training, track progress, and report on performance. Moreover, it also allows educators to provide better training to their students. In addition, it is a digital solution that offers a user-friendly interface and is accessible via the Internet 24/7. An LMS is a cost-effective solution that offers many benefits to learners and educators.

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