Why Should You Switch To An Aluminium Door Frame Extrusions?

Before you make a decision about whether to switch to aluminium door frame extrusions or not, learn about what you’ll get out of doing so. Learn why an aluminium extrusion door frame is the better choice for your commercial building project.

A Brief History of Doors

Doors have been around for centuries, and the technology behind them has only evolved. In ancient times, doors were made from simple materials like wood and stone. But as the world progressed, so did the technology used to create doors. Over time, metal became a popular choice for door frames because it is strong and sturdy. Today, aluminium is the most common type of door frame material because of its many benefits.

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The Benefits of Aluminium Extrusions

When it comes to constructing your home or business, there are many different materials and construction methods available to you. But what if you could choose between materials that have a variety of benefits? Here are five reasons why you should switch to an aluminium extrusion door frame:

1) Aluminium extrusion is lightweight and strong. This makes it perfect for doors and windows that need to be strong but also lightweight.

2) Aluminium extrusion can be customized to match your specific needs. This means that you can create a door or window that looks great and functions better than any other option out there.

3) Aluminium extrusion is affordable. You won’t have to spend a fortune on an aluminium extrusion door frame you can often find them for much less than other types of door frames.

4) Aluminium extrusion is environmentally friendly. This means that it doesn’t require a lot of resources to produce, and it has a low carbon footprint when burned or discarded.

5) Aluminium extrusion offers durability and long-term reliability.

Why Should You Install Aluminium Door Frame extrusions?

Aluminium door frame extrusions are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1) They’re lighter than steel or plastic frames, which can reduce the weight of your door by up to 30%.

2) They’re more energy-efficient, requiring less power to operate than metal frames.

3) They’re resistant to weathering and corrosion, so they’ll last longer than metal frames.

4) They’re easier to maintain, as they don’t require regular painting or repairs.

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