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Youtube is becoming the new television for an entire generation. The network is rich in influencers, sometimes more powerful than major media. Ads on Youtube offer synergy with the rest of the Google Ads environment, and the average viewability of ads on Youtube is 95%.

Presenting the American giant through these three axes is no coincidence. Indeed, this can correspond to 3 Youtube strategies: create your own video content platform through your channel, develop your presence through a powerful network of influencers or simply use the site as an advertising network. We are going to focus on these first two points since they make it possible to develop a real relevant and differentiating content strategy. We will then see how to adapt the theoretical strategy to the reality of your means because this is the point that often annoys me on Youtube.

Create your media brand on Youtube

The most mature brands in their digital strategy today show great sensitivity to content. It is not uncommon to see many sites go beyond their simple showcase vocation to become real advice platforms for Internet users. The sites then become excellent sources of traffic, notoriety, image but also and above all of leads. You have to think about your Youtube strategy in the same way: But in fact,  how to succeed in making your Youtube presence relevant? At the same time, you can have a good start! Buy YouTube views and get a perfect jump-start.

Have a useful Youtube channel for Internet users

Like any content strategy,  your Youtube business strategy should be based on the value you bring to Internet users. It is not a question of making a simple demonstration of your products or displaying a corporate communication that will not interest anyone. Like a natural referencing strategy, it is necessary to first identify the subjects related to your activity and which are of interest to Internet users.

How to rank well on Youtube, or improve your Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO as we sometimes read, is a subject generally much less treated than Google SEO. There are fewer experts and therefore less content advising you on this subject. It must also be said that if Google is opaque about its algorithms, it is all the more so with its video platform for which many theories are circulating. However, there are a few things you can work on to get good results:

Work on your keywords. In your title, your description must be of a good size, in your subtitles if you have any, in the name of your file… Youtube uses this text to know what your video is about. The same goes for the keywords of your Youtube channel, in its description, its name, your playlists, you will be able to develop a whole semantic universe around the subject of your videos.

Make videos that create interaction and interest: Youtube analyzes signs of interactions such as likes, comments, and shares as positive. A video encouraging this will have a better chance of getting good positioning. Similarly, watch time is an important statistic. Work on your thumbnail. Like meta descriptions on Google, this will not help your SEO as such but it will improve the click-through rate when you appear in the results.

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