Yutong Electric Buses: Redefining Sustainable Urban Transportation

In the realm of urban transportation, Yutong Bus&Coach takes a pioneering role with its innovative electric bus solutions. With the U11DD, an exceptional 11-meter premium double-deck bus, Yutong is revolutionizing the way we envision sustainable public transportation. Combining cutting-edge technology, striking design, and a commitment to safety, yutong electric buses are poised to reshape the future of urban mobility.

Unmatched Style and Sophistication

The U11DD electric bus boasts an eye-catching appearance that effortlessly blends sleek curves and a modern design language. With racetrack-shaped LED combination headlamps and three-ring shaped LED combination tail lamps, this vehicle exudes a premium sense of style as it navigates city streets. The U11DD’s gleaming beauty is a testament to Yutong’s dedication to creating high-tech products that make a lasting impression.

Convenience and Accessibility

In addition to its striking design and safety features, the U11DD offers convenient maintenance and enhanced accessibility. The front wall and lamp frame skin can be easily turned over, simplifying maintenance procedures and reducing downtime. Furthermore, the side compartment door features a wide 160° opening structure, making it easier for technicians to access and service the bus. Yutong’s attention to detail ensures that maintenance and repairs are hassle-free, keeping the buses on the road where they belong.

Impressive Specifications

The U11DD electric bus impresses not only with its aesthetics and safety features but also with its outstanding specifications. With a length of 11 meters, it can accommodate up to 82 passengers or be configured to offer 24 seats for enhanced comfort. The U11DD’s battery capacity of 385 kWh guarantees a driving range of over 400 kilometers under SORT 2 conditions, making it a reliable and efficient solution for urban transportation needs. With its lightweight body and low energy consumption, this electric bus sets new benchmarks for sustainability and performance.


Yutong Bus&Coach’s electric buses, exemplified by the remarkable U11DD model, redefine sustainable urban transportation. With their striking design, state-of-the-art safety features, and impressive specifications, these buses set new standards for efficiency, comfort, and environmental responsibility. Yutong’s dedication to innovation and commitment to passenger safety make their electric buses a standout choice for cities looking to embrace the future of public transportation.

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