4 Major Benefits of Poultry LED Lighting

Chickens raised using poultry light system has been found to produce higher quantity and quality of eggs, develop into maturity at a faster rate and enjoy an improved standard of health as compared to chickens raised under traditional light sources. Using LED lighting system could tremendously help your broiler or layer farm.

  1. Lower lighting costs.

LED light fixtures are more energy efficient than existing CFL or cold-cathode lighting systems. They are not prone to breakage that causes mercury to release. They provide a fast return on investment as well as long-term savings. They’re waterproof, long-lasting, eliminate maintenance costs, and conform to agricultural lighting standards.

  1. Increase development and weight gain.

Lighting is a key input in healthy pullet development. It can promote growth and feed conversion.

  1. Increases flock uniformity and feed conversion.

Broiler light fixtures can improve poultry weight, flock uniformity, and feed conversion. The full spectrum with enhanced red gets poultry up and moving, promotes weight gain, and increases long-term ADGs.

  1. Regulate reproduction cycles and faster maturity.

LED lighting makes it easy to provide natural daylight simulation for improved productivity. Hontech Wins light fixtures are built to help regulate reproduction cycles and generate faster maturity for the poultry.

By having a well-thought-out lighting program and using LED lighting you could tremendously increase your Poultry production. They will also provide an animal welfare-friendly environment. For more information or to view all of our products on Hontech Wins.

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