5 Things One Should Know About Car Insurance

5 Things One Should Know About Car Insurance

Owning an auto insurance policy for your car has to be a challenging thing to do after maintaining the vehicle. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than in the past, but you might be confused with several policies and insurance company jargon. You might have to use the services of an expert agent so you don’t get into the wrong hands of the law.


Many make the mistake of believing that a more expensive car might be more costly to insure. However, that’s not the case; a lot more is considered for auto insurance. The rate may go up when your car is involved in speeding and accidents. So that may be why the rate is up; it’s not only because of the cost of the vehicle. This article will learn about five things you must know about auto insurance policies.

What is auto insurance?

Auto or vehicle insurance is a policy or contract signed between you and an insurance company that will cover your financial loss regarding your car in case of loss or accident. When you pay for a package with the insurance company, they will pay for your losses. Below are examples of what an insurance company covers:

  • Insurance covers property damage, for example, damage or theft of your car.
  • Insurance can also cover medical expenses, lime injury treatment, rehabilitation, and funeral.
  • It can also cover your responsibility to others for damage caused (i.e., liability).

The Insurance contract is six months to a year and is liable for renewal.


Five things you should know about auto insurance

Below you will find five facts about car insurance for disabled veterans that you must pay close attention to:

1. Factors that affect the auto insurance rate

Insurance companies consider several components to determine how much car insurance should be. Below are factors that will play huge roles in determining your rate:

Age: Drivers with lower age tend to pay more for vehicle insurance than drivers with experience. Due to the higher risk young drivers are exposed to due to their inexperience, they pay a higher car premium. It may start to drop gradually from age 25 to 30, and by age 30 you might spend half the original cost. At 60, the rate may increase again because of your old age.

Driving record: This plays a huge role in determining what your car insurance rate will be. If your driving record is filled with accidents, speeding tickets, and other traffic violations, your auto insurance rate may increase.

Location: your location may also affect the auto insurance rate. Areas with more insurance claims can increase your car insurance date. Also, places with higher crime rates, such as theft and property damage, increase the insurance premium.

Your car: The year you purchased your vehicle, how your vehicle was made, and the model are essential factors. Nowadays, the technology used to develop cars means it costs more to repair them.

You can confirm what other factors determine your auto insurance rate to avoid paying blindly using an agent.


2. Auto insurance discounts for disabled veterans

The regular citizen has to find insurance within their budget. Car insurance discounts are offered in the following ways:

  • Multi-car discount
  • Advanced quote discount
  • Transfer discount
  • Payment frequency discount
  • Homeowners insurance discount
  • Defensive driving discount
  • Anti-theft discount
  • Most importantly, disabled veterans also qualify for discounts.

Car insurance for disabled veterans is quite specific, and they also qualify for safe driving discounts. As a veteran who was honorably discharged, there are several advantages and discounts disabled veterans enjoy that you should be aware of.

Some companies offer more discounts than others, so you should know more about it to access savings that civilians don’t.

3. Does car insurance cover towing and rental car costs?

Imagine this, you got into an accident, or your car breaks down on your way to work. The vehicle will need to be towed to where it will get fixed, which is where the towing and labor coverage comes to play. Your insurance will cover the expenses required to pull the car from the spot of the accident to where it will be fixed.

Also, if you can’t drive for different reasons, rental car expenses are covered by your auto insurance.

4. The car insurance covers the cat and may or may not cover the driver

You may probably lend your car to a trusted friend or family member. You can rest assured that your vehicle is very much insured, no matter who is driving. You can keep calm when the car gets damaged or gets In an accident. Your insurance covers the car, not that of friends or family members, except you, insured, the car together.

Some states may allow for a named driver’s policy where the car insurance covers the driver. The designated driver policy may extend to people who live in the same house and are listed in the policy. If your friend’s name is not on the list, they will have to cover damages incurred from their pockets.


5. 49 out of the 50 states in the U.S. require Car insurance

New Hampshire is the only state in the U.S that does not require car insurance. Every other state requires that you get car insurance before registering the vehicle. Each state’s insurance policy is different, so you have to make inquiries about the insurance policy within your state.

Frequently asked questions on Auto insurance

1. Who is covered by my auto insurance, and what are the circumstances?

The auto insurance contract will cover you and your family members on the policy that drives your car or someone else’s car but with their permission. Anyone who didn’t receive consent from you to drive your vehicle isn’t covered by the policy and, as such, will face the consequences.

However, personal auto insurance will only cover personal driving, such as commuting to work or trips. It will not cover anything related to business or commercial purposes, such as delivery guy. Also, if you use your car to pick up others or deliver services through companies like Uber or Lyft, the insurance contract may not cover any damage. All hope isn’t lost as some insurance companies extend their packages to cover some things at an extra cost.

2. Is auto insurance mandatory?

Insurance requirements vary from state to state, but 49 of these states need to see an insurance policy before registering their car.


It is best to find a trustworthy agent who will help you find the best insurance companies with the best deals, so you have access to more significant savings. Alongside, make sure to do your findings on what the company is charging for and why that rate.

In whichever state you live in, try to find out if the company you are getting insurance from is following the law and is not just trying to sell to you with catchy words. From this article, you might learn that your car’s involvement in damage and theft results in a higher auto insurance rate. As a result, commit to prior research before buying any type or kind of car insurance.

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