Avoid Falling Victim to Scam Hitmen Services

Avoid Falling Victim to Scam Hitmen Services

The purpose of this article is to expose scams and fake hire a hitman services that provide murder for hire and contract killers.

When one searches for hire a hitman on google, he finds lots of sites providing illegal murder for hire services and claims to offer contract killers and assassins

We have made a list of the most popular scams and fake hitmen services and we advise people to stay away from them in order to avoid getting arrested or their money stolen

The biggest and most popular is https://rent-a-hitman.com

There are hundreds of news articles about people being arrested after they have used this site services including one ex military who wanted to become a hitman, just search for this domain name and you will be amazed at how many people have used this website services and all turned out to be arrested

The second and most popular hire a hitman scam is https://mercenaries.pw a fake hitman service that has lots of keywords stuffed with white text on white background to trick the search engine into giving better rankings. This site steals the funds of customers and then they never reply. To convince customers it is legit they present lots of videos and photos of guns, as if they would have guns it would mean that they also do killings

The third and most popular hitman for hire scam is https://hireakiller.io a fake murder for hire site that asks for payments in bitcoin and never delivers anything. If customers give their info, it is sent to the Police and it results in arrests

The 4th hitman scam is https://hireahitmanonline.com which also asks for payment in bitcoin and then stops replying never doing any killing. They turn customers to the police if the customers are not smart enough to remain anonymous

Avoid Falling Victim to Scam Hitmen Services

These are websites on clear net, which means their owner information is publically accessible on whois.sc

There are also fake hitmen sites on the dark web, that ask for payment in bitcoin and then they stop replying never doing any murder for anyone

Here are the most popular scam hitmen services on the dark web

http://killwmjzdv6tyzarysmcljxguxiiuuy3ed6i25xyneojwkybx5os2wyd.onion is a scam and fake hitman service that steals bitcoin and stops replying

http://e6zalzh2446osqi5se4kh3qmiptwquurpbgdybbbo424qmws4ibar2id.onion  is a scam and a fake murder for hire service that steals bitcoin and doesn’t do any killings

http://lhtdjyznq4jpbfyatgzls2rbfoeofsddmms6nanzf5hfdvqrgqqfaiqd.onion is a decoy site that sends all customers info to police

http://q26dwetyzueo2563oznxyxtdd5gc2yntpoxjpj4rw2q2aoetjgfigjyd.onion is a fake and scam site with many users reportedly being scammed for big amounts of bitcoin

http://ogoitonavhx2opv2o3mni3daunhwk6p2e7ri5oc44zpjfom2f6ucu3qd.onion a fake and scam that steals funds from customers and never deliver anything

http://3o4m4b6vfa2ah7mk4klra2txoav3g4ts3sjyjwnj4j6p4lkxe2ki5eqd.onion a fake and scam site that just asks for bitcoin and does not deliver anything

http://e3dqcvoliraurxyzagczntsthswcdckm43cxbl7775ktwcddhh27iryd.onion – Big scam, they have a poor site one page only

http://hundxpjpf754ly5lrm566ntjijdf35qshkw6sh3ybsunt75ukim2dgid.onion – Huge scam, they have a complex site with images of guns and their email address on paper next to guns but they steal your bitcoin! they don’t kill and don’t beat anyone

http://c56qok7ojovacetz4nysypwnym2edkeow7vik23eo3p43pqt64hjerqd.onion – scammer he took money from many customers and stop replying

http://x3udzbzxkcfppz3flpexrrcqtbv4m6vttv7hsdycntdgeapuhfwpolyd.onion –  Jabba syndicate is a scam with pictures of guns and email addresses to convince people they are real but they ain’t killing anyone nor beating anyone they just take the funds and stop replying

http://pf4kxep2w27z4z3kjlzrzuwgf3km6r3enj6qo4uwkpg7fqxvbtuzdhqd.onion/hitman – Scam took away money of customers and stop replying

http://killwmjzdv6tyzarysmcljxguxiiuuy3ed6i25xyneojwkybx5os2wyd.onion – Scam they steal money from customers

http://bzsntuqpvfk7innoezi4jasgqjo2sbv7bhr3rvb76ibr6znzte5ehcqd.onion – Scam and fake

http://vzv5vdwgvtl5wx7xb5xpzt2betmklgkaskqg7drvj4bdfwawpg554dad.onion/hitman/ – Scam they steal funds

http://fqzkobzpp3i545nzjexvhbrzvi3cardxo27q7ytgyu7ha4j5ku36buid.onion – Scam and fake

http://lnmj53nrnnx34qwylq56lakvp5mlbkltgj66krumt7ou4xykggeih6qd.onion – Scam and fake

http://nightuhdh3m7nhxu5uwbdfp247jrt5mukb7of5yhd4zhfo4nemzwosyd.onion  – Scam and fake

It is crucial to remember that engaging with these fraudulent hitmen services is not only illegal but also morally wrong. These platforms exploit vulnerable individuals and often lead to severe consequences. If you come across any websites promoting murder-for-hire services, it is vital to report them to the authorities immediately.

Stay vigilant, and protect yourself and others from these scam hitmen services by spreading awareness and discouraging any involvement with them. Remember, seeking lawful solutions and support is always the right path to follow.

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