Become a Fashion Designer: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you enjoy experimenting with designs, being creative, and keeping an eye on trends? If so, becoming a fashion designer could be your destiny. But getting into this glamorous field will need your perseverance, commitment, and a thorough comprehension of multiple steps. 

Hence, this blog will take you through 6 crucial stages, which are strongly recommended by the fashion design colleges in Kolkata to get started in the field of fashion design.

What is Fashion Design?

You’ll learn about a career that involves creating sketches for apparel, accessories, and shoes by studying fashion design. Becoming a fashion designer also allows you to make unique apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Fashion Designer

As a fashion designer, you can work in teams to develop stylish apparel lines, which complement business plans by utilising your skills in design, conceptualization, and market analysis. Mostly, your essential responsibilities will include the following:

  • Overseeing the research and development of new styles for an organisation.
  • Managing the design process from conception through to final styling.
  • Conducting market research to identify new trends and fabrics and seek design inspiration.

How To Become a Fashion Designer?

To enter into the fast-growing Indian fashion design industry, which might grow at a CAGR of 11–12% shortly, you must be ready with the right tools to succeed in your work. For your convenience, we have included some essential actions below, which will help you pursue a prosperous career in fashion design:

  • Cultivate Your Creativity and Gain Inspiration

Since the foundation of fashion design is creativity, you must develop and hone your creative skills. And, to do this, you must first look for inspiration from various places, such as fashion magazines, art galleries, and historical and cultural publications. The best fashion designing colleges in Kolkata also recommend you to attend fashion shows, and exhibitions, and immerse yourself in the world of fashion. Most essentially, to extend your artistic viewpoint, you must pay attention to styles, patterns, colours, and textures. Keeping a sketchbook and recording your thoughts, designs, and details that speak to you will yield the finest results.

  • Pursue a Formal Education

Although it’s not a must, you should receive a formal education in fashion design, which can provide you with the technical know-how, and fundamental knowledge needed in the field. And, enrolling in Srimati Techno Institute, one of the private colleges in Kolkata, would yield the best results. You will mostly benefit from its well-rounded curriculum in understanding design principles, textiles, pattern-making, garment manufacturing, and more. For a better understanding of the available fashion design courses at Srimati Techno Institute, please refer to the below table:

Course Name  BSc. Fashion Designing & Management  Master in Fashion Designing & Management  Fashion Design & Technology (NCVT)
Course Duration  3 years  2 years  1-year 
Eligibility Criteria  10+2  Graduation  10
  • Hone Your Skills and Build a Portfolio

You must always refine and enhance your talents as a fashion designer. As a result, colleges in Kolkata advise you to seize any chance to express your originality and advance your technical knowledge. To obtain specialist skills like illustration, CAD, and draping, you must also enrol in workshops and short courses. And, for the best results, you should assemble a varied portfolio, which highlights your finest work and convinces clients or employers of your versatility and distinct style.

  • Gain Industry Experience 

Having real-world experience is essential to comprehend the inner workings of the fashion industry fully. Because of this, the fashion design colleges in Kolkata strongly advise you to hunt for internships or assistant positions with well-known fashion designers, fashion houses, or publications. You will further gain direct knowledge in design creation, clothing manufacture, styling, and other areas through these chances. Along with building your name in the sector, you’ll also have the opportunity to network with specialists in the business and acquire insightful knowledge.

  • Develop Your Business Acumen

You’ll learn that the fashion design industry is more than simply sketches and fabric; it’s a business. Because of this, you need to have a strong grasp of marketing, entrepreneurship, and fashion to be successful as a fashion designer. Moreover, you must be acquainted with fashion marketing tactics, customer behaviour, and branding principles. Additionally, in the fast-paced fashion industry, having business acumen will offer you a competitive advantage.

  • Launch Your Career and Continuously Evolve

Your job as a fashion designer must begin when you have acquired the required training, experience, and education. Moreover, you should start your fashion label or think about working for a well-known fashion firm. In addition, the fashion design colleges in Kolkata strongly suggest you accept criticism and grow from your mistakes as well as your achievements. The most important thing to remember is that the fashion market is extremely competitive, therefore your success will depend on your ability to persevere, bounce back, and maintain your look.

Final Words

We hope that this blog has helped you realise that becoming a fashion designer is a lifetime endeavour that calls for commitment, diligence, and a strong love for the craft of clothing creation. Additionally, as you develop into a designer to watch in the exciting world of fashion, the fashion design colleges in Kolkata highly advise you to accept the obstacles, remain loyal to your artistic vision, and let your originality shine.


1. How can I handle criticism as a fashion designer?

As a fashion designer, you should welcome constructive criticism, and apply it to improve your designs and skills.

2. How can I protect my fashion design creations from being copied or stolen?

For your unique patterns and designs, you must think about requesting copyright protection. You can further protect your creations by enforcing non-disclosure agreements and collaborating with reliable suppliers and manufacturers.

3. What key skills can you acquire at the fashion design colleges in Kolkata?

The fashion design colleges in Kolkata equip you with the following skills-

  • Creativity.
  • Drawing and Illustration.
  • Sewing and pattern-making.
  • Attention to Detail.
  •  Time Management.

4. How can I effectively market my fashion design brand?

To effectively market and promote your fashion design brand, you can make use of social media platforms, work with bloggers and influencers, and take part in fashion shows and events.

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