Best Amazon Humidifier & What To Consider Before Buying One 

For those that are dealing with chronic air dryness and the problems that come; as a result, having a humidifier is a godsend. Not only do these machines convert water into vapor and increase humidity in the space, but they also help make the air easier to breathe and, in the long run, help fight many diseases that might result from chronic air dryness.

If you are currently looking to purchase a humidifier, and if it is your first time in the market for such a machine, you will know that it can be difficult to determine which humidifier is best. Before purchasing your humidifier, you will want to ask yourself a series of questions: do you plan to use it in your kitchen, office, or bedroom? How frequently will you use it, and how often during a single day will you turn it on? Do you have pets and children in your home? These questions are extremely important, especially if you need more information about the technical specifications and are in the market for an amazon humidifier.

Picking a Humidifier Type

The two most popular types of humidifiers that are available on the market are warm mist and cool mist.

Cold mist humidifiers, which tend to work much better in warmer climates, add moisture to the air at room temperature by adding cool mist. Unlike warm mist humidifiers, these humidifiers tend to be noisier even while they are easier to clean. Most experts recommend that if you do opt to go with cold mist humidifiers, you should always use distilled water as it is free of impurities and prevents germs from traveling with the mist.

Warm mist humidifiers, on the other hand, are best for cold climates and smaller spaces. These machines entail that heating elements boil water. They do so in order to kill germs and bacteria and then add healthy moisture to the environment to make it easier to breathe. Unlike cold mist humidifiers, while warm mist humidifiers are quieter, they are far more difficult to clean, consume more energy, and are unsafe to use around children and pets.

Smart Features

Another key point to keep in mind as you are searching for your humidifier is to look into options that include smart features. Some of these features include a remote control, mobile app support (as in the case of Alexa integration), a timer, smart memory, night mode, auto-shutoff, hygrometer, and a child-lock. Not only can these features make your life easier, but they help reduce energy consumption and make using your humidifier an experience of convenience. For example, if you purchase a humidifier with night mode, this quality turns off all the lights on your machine and sets it to the lowest noise level. This is certainly an energy-conserving attribute and helps to encourage a night of peaceful sleep. You may also want a machine that has an auto-shutoff feature – this prevents your humidifier from malfunctioning, especially in instances when the water tank is empty. And for parents, a really great feature to look for is a child lock. This feature means that parents can prevent their children from tampering with their machine (especially your humidifier’s buttons and settings).

Moisture Output, Tank Capacity, Humidifier Runtime, and Coverage

Before purchasing your humidifier, you will also want to look into things such as moisture output (which refers to the rate at which a humidifier adds moisture into the room air), tank capacity (that is, the maximum volume of water that your machine can hold which tends to be measured in gallons or liters), humidifier run time (which entails the maximum number of hours a humidifier can run after each refill), and coverage (which is the amount of space that a humidifier can humidify easily).

According to experts, and generally speaking, the larger the tank capacity of your humidifier, the longer that its runtime will be. As well it is also the case that the higher the moisture output, the shorter the runtime. It is also the case that some of the humidifiers on the market also give you the opportunity to change the moisture output by adjusting the fan speed.

Energy, Noise Consumption, and Price

Another important point to consider is to what degree does the machine consume energy and what is its noise level. Experts agree that humidifiers that have low noise levels are ideal for home use, especially if you are looking to keep your humidifier in your bedroom. These low noise level humidifiers average 30 decibels (which is super low and sounds virtually like a whisper). If your humidifier is noisier, you can also lower its volume by adjusting the fan speed.

And perhaps the most important point is to look for a humidifier that does not put a burden on your budget.

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