DAYA: A Renowned Shower Base Manufacture in the Field of Sanitary Ware

DAYA, a leading shower base manufacturer, has an impressive history of success in the industry. From their humble beginnings, DAYA quickly gained recognition for their innovative designs and superior craftsmanship. With each passing year, DAYA continued to refine their manufacturing processes and expand their product range. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern design or something more traditional, their collection offers an array of options to suit every taste.

One of the most popular products is wholesale showers, known for elegance, durability and strength, which is made from a mixture of natural mineral fillers bonded by resin for exceptional resilience.


Quality-oriented Design

Quality has always been given the top priority in manufacturing wholesale showers in DAYA, which strives to create the most competitive product in the market.

In terms of material, composite materials with 93% of materials being resin and mineral fillers are used in wholesale showers for ensuring longevity and durability. Besides, they have strict quality testing department throughout the whole production process until the final delivery. Therefore, the wholesale showers delivered by them must be of high quality.

Personalized Service

DAYA’s wholesale showers also support personalized service for meeting individual needs and preferences. For those seeking a more contemporary look, DAYA also offers slim showers. These ultra-thin showers create a seamless transition between the bathroom floor and the base surface, providing a modern aesthetic appeal.

In addition to standard sizes and shapes like square or rectangular, DAYA also provides custom-made options for customers who desire something unique. With their expertise in manufacturing techniques and materials selection, they can create tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit any space or design requirement.


Over the past years, DAYA’s products have been favored by both homeowners and professionals in the construction industry. Whether you prefer a stone resin shower base or have specific dimensions in mind, DAYA has got you covered with their extensive range of high-quality shower bases. Trust DAYA’s commitment to excellence in craftsmanship as they continue innovating in this dynamic industry!

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