Different Things You Can Photograph In Rain

Photography is one of the most epic skills to have in the current age. It is more of a way to express yourself using still pictures that you can capture almost anywhere and by using almost any gadget or technique. One of the best things to do is use your phone camera which is handier to carry and you are carrying it with you almost anywhere you go. But if you are someone who uses a professional DSLR camera to capture pictures, then it is a great gadget to have. The current technologies in the DSLR arena are equipped with many amazing tools and many advanced features that can help you capture some epic moments. 

You can do the same when you are having rainy weather and you are driving, staying at home, walking on the roads, traveling on a bus and even just looking outside the window. There is always something crazy to capture when it rains. If you are outside, then make sure that you keep your camera, phones, and other gear safe as the water pouring in might damage your gear. 

Apart from having some cool gadgets, it is always a plus if you have some killer editing skills as well. Capturing the picture in the rain might require you to manipulate your picture a little and you might want to use Photoshop, Canva, Picsart or any other tools for yourself. You can get weather updates to plan your shoots in the rain by having a look at inspirations from other photographers and photographers by watching some informative channels and weather updates on channels that are part of the WOW Channel Lineup. Also, you can use the internet to get some crazy tutorial videos on how to create a masterpiece out of your mode/talent and the location you have at hand. Let’s have a few things that you can capture with your camera in the rain:  


Reflections are one of the easiest to find and the easiest to capture during or after the rainy weather. One of the contributors to such clicks is puddles, ponds, small lakes and the water that stays for a while on the streets. You can capture people passing by and add a reflection right below them, buildings where there is a mini-puddle that shows the reflection of the entire structure on the ground. If you can move a little on your knees and place your camera on a puddle or at a certain distance and add textures to your composition by creating ripples on the water surface. 

Macro Shots of Raindrops

Macro Shots always thrill people no matter what you capture and give out a very detailed aspect of the subject you are trying to capture. When you capture raindrops using any of your favorite macro lenses, then it can turn out to be something really epic and photogenic. You can look around and find a spider web with rain droplets on its joints o, look at a leaf that can have a reflection of rainbow colors on them and even use a few drops of watercolors to create some thrilling and mesmerizing pictures for your viewers. You can even manipulate pictures of water droplets and a picture of a loved one, some planet in space or any object that can give out more meaning to your entire composition. 

Water Splash

Just like reflections, these are very easy to find and also even easier to create. To capture these, you can ask a friend of yours to assist you with creating the splash that they can easily do by throwing in a stone or a pebble and even a ball. But it is not limited to smaller objects. You can even throw something as big as a toy or a plank of wood to create a bigger splash. But make sure that you do not throw in something that is light in weight or something small in size as it might not be able to give you a good and clear response. 

In the end, one can say that there is no limit to what you can or cannot capture with your camera when it rains. It totally depends on your creativity and the composition you are working on. One of the most recommended practices of all time is to use gridlines on your camera or on your phone so that you can get the composition and the subject you have. Likewise, there is no limit if you want to add more creativity to your pictures using different apps and software for editing and manipulating your pictures. 

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