Elevate Your Cooling System with the B6012 DC Blower Fan by YCCFAN

Introducing the powerful B6012 DC Blower Fan by YCCFAN, a compact yet robust cooling solution designed to enhance airflow and temperature control in various applications. This innovative DC blower fan, known for its efficiency, is a game-changer in the realm of cooling technology.

Compact Size, Superior Performance

The B6012 DC Blower Fan, with dimensions of 20x20x6mm, defies its small stature by delivering exceptional cooling performance. Its compact size makes it ideal for space-constrained environments without compromising on airflow and efficiency.

Durable Construction for Reliability

Constructed with high-quality materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic for durability, PBT UL 94V-0 rated impeller and housing, and a stainless steel cover, the B6012 DC Blower Fan ensures longevity and reliability in diverse operating conditions.

Versatile Functionality with Multiple Options

Equipped with a range of function options including FG, RD, PWM, Auto Restart, and Polarity Protection, the B6012 DC Blower Fan offers versatility and customization to suit different cooling requirements. These features enhance the fan’s adaptability in various setups.


In conclusion, the B6012 DC Blower Fan by YCCFAN is a standout cooling solution that combines compact design, durable construction, and versatile functionality to provide optimal airflow and cooling efficiency. Whether you need reliable cooling for electronics, industrial equipment, or other applications, this DC blower fan is tailored to meet your cooling needs effectively. Upgrade your cooling system with the B6012 DC Blower Fan and experience enhanced performance and temperature management like never before.

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