Empowering Marine Ventures with EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series Marine Alternator

In the dynamic realm of marine power solutions, EvoTec Power stands as a beacon of innovation with its TCM288 Series Marine Alternator. Specifically crafted for maritime applications, this alternator series boasts a formidable power range of 188 to 281 kVA, seamlessly incorporating the 100 kVA alternator in its introduction, underlining EvoTec Power’s commitment to versatility.

TCM288 Series Marine Alternator: Transforming Maritime Power

Advantages of this series include the application of marine varnish for moistureproofing, mold prevention, and anti-fogging, setting it apart. EvoTec Power’s dedication to innovation is underscored by 40 design patents and a remarkable 24-month warranty period. Notably, all materials are meticulously sourced from Public List Companies, ensuring the highest quality components.

The characteristics of the TCM288 series further enhance its appeal. From user-friendly installation with a standard SAE interface to robust protection with an IP23 degree, this alternator series caters to the diverse needs of marine operations. Its flexibility shines through in three optional excitation modes: self-excitation, auxiliary winding, and PMG. With a standard winding pitch of 2/3, the TCM288 series exhibits fast start-up, high efficiency, and a robust overload capacity.

EvoTec Power’s advanced automatic voltage regulator control ensures precise voltage regulation at +/-0.5%, contributing to a small waveform distortion rate (THD<3%). The rotor’s high-speed balancing and sealed bearings enhance reliability. Notably, the TCM288 series holds a national patent, a testament to EvoTec Power’s dedication to advancing marine alternator technology.


In the vast expanse of marine ventures, EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series Marine Alternator emerges as a symbol of reliability, efficiency, and innovation. With an unwavering focus on quality, advanced design, and adaptability, EvoTec continues to redefine the standards of marine alternators, propelling maritime operations into a new era of sustainable and powerful performance.

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