Intelligent Charging Unleashed: The Technology Behind EVB’s AC Fast Charger

In the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging, the AC Fast Charger by EVB stands out as a testament to innovation and reliability. Powered by advanced intelligent charging technology, this charger guarantees a seamless and efficient charging experience. The incorporation of Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) functionality ensures the optimal distribution of electricity, enhancing the stability of the charging process. Moreover, EVB’s commitment to quality is underscored by its industry-recognized CE certification, a symbol of adherence to stringent standards.

Intelligent Charging Technology

At the heart of EVB’s AC Fast Charger lies advanced intelligent charging technology. Rigorously validated for stability and reliability, this technology ensures a smooth and efficient charging process. The incorporation of DLB functionality intelligently distributes electricity, guaranteeing the steady operation of all connected appliances.

Industry-Recognized Certification

EVB takes pride in the certification of its AC Fast Charger. With the prestigious CE certification, the charger has garnered industry recognition for its adherence to quality standards. This certification is a testament to EVB’s commitment to providing a trustworthy and reliable charging solution.

Affordability and Reliability Redefined

AC chargers, and by extension, EVB’s AC Fast Charger, redefine affordability and reliability in the world of EV charging. The high level of maturity and straightforward design result in lower costs for procurement, installation, and maintenance, making it an economical choice for electric vehicle owners.


EVB’s AC Fast Charger emerges as a pioneering solution in the EV charging realm, marrying cutting-edge intelligent charging technology with industry-recognized certification. The CE certification not only reflects EVB’s dedication to quality but also instills confidence in users regarding the charger’s reliability. Beyond technological prowess, the charger redefines affordability in the EV charging landscape, offering a mature and straightforward design that translates into lower procurement, installation, and maintenance costs.

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