MORNSUN: A Leading Power Supply Manufacturer

MORNSUN: A Leading Power Supply Manufacturer

MORNSUN is an industry-leading power supply manufacturer that provides a comprehensive selection of solutions that can accommodate the requirements of various companies. MORNSUN has the ideal power supply for diverse size firms, from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations.

The advantages of Mornsun

Mornsun has been producing and operating its business for many years, so it has developed a stringent inspection and control system. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality goods. The following are some reasons why Mornsun can deliver items of high quality:

  1. The organization has developed a comprehensive collection of product enterprise standards;
  2. The product development is subject to stringent controls by the IPD procedure, and an independent R&D verification team is established. In addition to doing black-box testing on products, rigorous white-box testing is also carried out, ensuring that the status of every node in the control circuit satisfies the design criteria.
  3. Before the products leave the factory, implement a set of stringent material supplier assessment procedures, standards for inspecting incoming material, and standards for checking finished products, and perform full-load high-temperature aging on the products;
  4. technologically advanced automation production, reliability testing equipment, production environment temperature, and humidity monitoring system, etc., to effectively ensure product quality;
  5. Products in the Mornsun series have been awarded the UL certification, the CE certification, the RoHS testing, and the SGS testing, as well as having passed the testing of IEC61373 and IEC/EN 61000-4;
  6. Products in the Mornsun series meet the criteria for industrial-grade goods.


Mornsun is dedicated to offering products of the highest possible quality. It is imperative to cater to the specific needs of each consumer while also delivering timely and consistent goods and services of the highest possible standard.

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