Need the right employment law attorney in NY

Need the right employment law attorney in NY? Check these details

Were you wrongfully fired from the job? Did you suffer sexual harassment at work? Were you treated differently because you are pregnant or belong to a particular race or religion? Do you have a wage dispute where your employer didn’t pay you for overtime? These are common reasons to hire an employment law attorney in NY. Law firms like Carey & Associates, P.C. have been around for years and can offer the counsel you need. If you have never worked with an attorney, here are a few details worth knowing.

The lawyer’s profile is important

First and foremost, consider if the lawyer’s primary area of practice is employment law. They need to be aware of the litigation process and every legal option available for a given situation. Consider the number of years they have been practicing in NY. In addition, you can ask the following questions –

  1. Have you encountered similar employment law matters as mine?
  2. Do you have experience representing clients in court?
  3. How often do you deal with negotiations and mediation?
  4. Can you share client references?
  5. Are you locally based in New York?

Discuss the lawyer’s fee

When it comes to employment law matters, lawyers usually charge an hourly rate or may work on a contingency fee. A lot depends on whether the case is expected to go to court and if there is financial compensation involved. If the lawyer believes that the case involves a settlement, they may take a contingency fee. In any case, you should be aware of what’s likely to be due to the attorney. Make sure you have a clear contract.

Talk about communication & updates

You would expect the employment lawyer to answer relevant questions pertaining to the case from time to time. Having a clear channel for communication is critical for any case, and as a client, you need to ask how you can talk to the lawyer or get updates. Most lawyers have a core team of paralegals and juniors who handle client communication for clients. You can expect the attorney’s office to respond to your emails and calls on time, provided they are not overburdened with lawsuits.

In conclusion

Hiring an employment law attorney is not about finding any random law firm or choosing someone because they are not charging a high fee. Look for expertise and experience, and do not compromise on the quality of services you get, even if that means paying a retainer cost.

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