Top 7 Reasons to Pursue BSc Agriculture Course

Top 7 Reasons to Pursue BSc Agriculture Course

What comes to your mind when hearing the term “agriculture”?

Most probably, the act of entering into land, plowing, cultivation, hard work, etc are the factors that would have clouded your mind, right?

But, do you know that agriculture offers employment to over 151 million people in India? Almost 60% of the Indian population is indulged in agriculture with a contribution of more than 18% to the nation’s GDP.

These data highlight the supremacy of agriculture, and do you wanna make your career in this massive field?

If yes, it is time for you to pursue a BSc in Agriculture at the best BSc Agriculture colleges in MP.

Let this blog reveal the top 7 reasons for you to pursue a BSc in Agriculture.

What is BSc Agriculture?

A BSc in Agriculture is the fundamental pass for a professional career in agriculture.

Earlier decades in India had a traditional generation of farmers who had muscle memory of farming techniques, but today agriculture has turned professional with exclusive educational courses. BSc Agriculture is the foundational level educational agriculture course offered at leading colleges such as Mansarovar Global University, one of the best BSc Agriculture colleges in Bhopal.

BSc Agriculture is the foundational course wherein students are educated on the primary aspects of agriculture.

This course at the best university in Madhya Pradesh and other states focuses on inculcating agricultural concepts, methods, tactics, and techniques with theoretical and practical training. This course centralizes on educating scientific approaches to agriculture along with experiential training.

Course Highlights of BSc Agriculture:

Here are the course highlights that you should know as a science stream student to opt BSc in Agriculture at a leading university in Bhopal and other states.


Duration 3 years
Eligibility Criteria The minimum eligibility criteria for a BSc in Agriculture in esteemed colleges like Mansarovar Global University, the top private university in Bhopal, and others are as follows:


●       Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age.

●       Candidates should have completed 10+2 with 50% aggregate including physics, chemistry, and mathematics/biology/agriculture from any recognized board.

●       Candidates can make lateral entries if they have completed a Diploma in Agriculture.

Admission Procedure Admission to BSc Agriculture is either merit-based or entrance-based.


Certain of the best colleges provide merit-based admissions considering 10+2 marks.


Certain other colleges offer entrance-based admissions considering entrance exams like CUET, ICAR AIEEA, etc.

Average Course Fee INR 30,000 to INR 75,000 per annum.


Moving on, here are the highlighted reasons that persuade a considerable number of science stream students to opt for BSc Agriculture at the leading BSc Agriculture colleges in MP and other states.

What are the top 7 reasons to pursue a BSc Agriculture course?

With a wide range of reasons to choose a BSc Agriculture course, here the top 7 reasons are highlighted for you.

Professional Agriculture Education:

There is always a question that our ancestors did agriculture with no education, so what makes agriculture courses such as BSc Agriculture necessary?

Realise that today’s agriculture has been revolutionised in a significant level with enormous scientific interventions which require professional agriculture education to learn and equip.

So, pursuing a BSc in Agriculture at renowned BSc Agriculture colleges in MP and other states will offer professional agricultural education.

Exposure to technological advancements:

A huge level of technological advancements such as blockchain monitoring technology, IoT in agriculture, automated farming, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in agriculture, etc has invaded agriculture facets.

Learning these technological advancements in agriculture requires students to pursue agricultural academic courses from the fundamental level, i.e., BSc in Agriculture at the best agriculture colleges in Bhopal and other states.

Contribution to Food Security:

As per the UN estimate, the world population today is 7.3 billion people which might increase to 9.7 billion by 2050 which causes expected food demand to increase between 59% to 98% by 2050.

This demand creates a necessity for world food production to increase by 70%. Being a graduate in BSc Agriculture, you can make your contribution to food demand and security of the future generations by making revolutions in agriculture.

Career in progressing industry:

The Indian agriculture industry is making major progress. As per statistics, the agriculture sector of India saw nearly 148 million employees by the financial year 2023.

Beyond this, the agriculture industry is blooming notably with a global market value of USD 13,398.37 billion by 2023. By pursuing a BSc in Agriculture at renowned private agriculture colleges in Bhopal and other states, you can make a career in a progressing industry.

Diverse Career Opportunities:

There is a common misconception that agriculture education ends with only one job option, i.e., farming. But, the BSc Agriculture course unlocks a wide range of job options which are as follows.


Job Position Average Salary
Quality assurance manager INR 10 LPA
Agriculture Officer INR 9.60 LPA
ICAR Scientist INR 7.5 LPA
Plant Breeder INR 7.76 LPA
Plantation manager INR 5.25 LPA
Agriculture sales officer INR 4.90 LPA
Seed Certification Officer INR 4 LPA

Job Availability in the Government Sector:

Today the student community is eager to become part of the government sector and it is made possible by pursuing BSc Agriculture at the best BSc Agriculture colleges in MP and other states. Some of the top government organizations that hire BSc Agriculture graduates are as follows:

  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Indian Rice Research Institute

Entrepreneurial Trigger:

Pursuing a BSc in Agriculture in a top agriculture colleges in mp can be an entrepreneurial trigger for starting your agriculture business.

By pursuing a BSc in Agriculture at leading BSc Agriculture colleges in MP and other states you can get to learn the techniques and nuances of modern agriculture which you can implement in your agro-business.


In conclusion, we find that there are highly valuable reasons to pursue a BSc in Agriculture at reputed agriculture colleges in Madhya Pradesh and other states. Making a career in agriculture is our nation’s pride, so why not consider it?


1) Does BSc Agriculture admission require NEET?

No, NEET is not required for BSc Agriculture admission. There is another exam known as ICAR AIEEA which is considered for BSc Agriculture admissions. Yearly, around 89,000 students appear for ICAR AIEEA.

2) Should agricultural graduates study other certificate courses?

Not mandatory, but it is appreciable as it will be an advantage for the resume.

3) Do students experience field training in agriculture courses?

Yes, the practical exposure sessions are highly mandatory in agriculture courses as agriculture has been all about practices for decades.

4) Who are the top recruiters for BSc Agricultural graduates in India?

The leading employers of BSc Agriculture graduates include the names of Nagarjuna Agrichem Ltd, Agrocel Industries Ltd, Rallis India Coromandel International Ltd, EID Parry India Ltd, Nestle India, and others.

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