Understanding LED Flexible strip Lights

Since the concept of led flexible strip lights was proposed, the lighting industry has had many questions about it: what is the difference between led flexible strip lights and led strip lights? Is its function the same as that of led strip lights… To answer these questions concisely and comprehensively, this article talks about the characteristics of led flexible strip lights that differ from led strip lights in many aspects.

Understood, the LED flexible strip light is an upgraded version of the led strip light. It not only has the basic functions of the led strip light but also shows its “flexibility”-based difference on this basis. Because of its flexibility, led flexible strip lights can be installed on curved surfaces, which is the most intuitive innovation that differentiates them from traditional LED strip lights.

In modern architectural design, designers have long abandoned the previous matchbox-style stacking and then pursued novel ideas of art and culture to make the appearance of the building more colorful. Judging from the characteristics of traditional led strip lights, they cannot meet the application of modern buildings in terms of fitting, interface, wiring installation, etc., making the requirements of building facades, but led flexible strip lights can be used with their bending of about 15cm. The radius makes up for this shortcoming well, allowing architects to have more room for imagination and to create more visual special-shaped shapes for the appearance of the building.

In practical applications, the advantages of led flexible strip lights are embodied in their split installation design. The traditional led strip light is like a chandelier that integrates the light source with the external structure and circuit. If the lamp is broken, the entire lamp body must be dismantled and replaced with a new chandelier.

The mounting bracket of the led flexible strip light is separate from the main body, and the middle is installed by a physical snap-fit. If the light is broken, replace the main part of the light source, just like changing the light bulb, which is very convenient. The difference between the installation and replacement of the led flexible strip light and the traditional led strip light seems small. Still, from the point of view of the later maintenance of the lamp and the operation of the maintenance personnel, the difference is very big.


The above content shows the difference between led flexible strip lights and led strip lights in many aspects. If you want to know more about led flexible strip lights and traditional led strip lights, you can click on the Ledia Lighting homepage for a consultation!

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