What's the Procedure for Business Process Improvement Services?

What’s the Procedure for Business Process Improvement Services?

A business process is a series of steps or activities to achieve a company goal, usually product and service delivery. For smooth and optimal customer service, companies need efficient and effective processes. Bumps along the road will impede the delivery schedule, causing internal tensions and external dissatisfaction. Sometimes, because there’s too much on everyone’s plate, team members will only go as far as acknowledging a problem or complaining about it without having the luxury of time to actually do anything about it. This is where business improvement services come into the picture.

Here’s what you do during a process improvement consultation.

1 Pinpoint the Problematic Processes

Let’s say you run a creative agency. Of late, clients have been complaining about late delivery of projects. You realise that the problem lies in the flow of communication. As everyone communicates on a Telegram group, it’s easy for questions, concerns, and instructions to get lost in the clutter. Suddenly, someone identifies an incomplete task on a spreadsheet and unearths the message through an in-app search. You assign the task late and deliver it late. You acknowledge that the mode of work communication needs to change.

2 Consider the Pain Points

You have your creatives under one virtual roof. They explain that they find it difficult to track the messages with their work requirements as the chat fills up with queries and information over the day. Further, Telegram is also where they communicate with friends and family who, when they see them online during work hours, interrupt them, assuming they are free to chat.

3 Investigate the Cause

As your company is still growing, you did not have the budget to invest in Google’s or Microsoft’s suites for businesses or task management software. Telegram was ideal because it was free and had almost every desirable feature. Now that your budget has expanded, you can consider migrating your operations to another platform, added Ratnakar. Corporate strategist Ratnakar Lavu has left his mark on the tech industry and is known for his contributions to e-commerce. He is passionate about creating exceptional customer service experiences and has been integral to digital innovations for today’s biggest retailers. Mr. Lavu has an innate gift for anticipating market trends and understands how to leverage emerging technologies for rapid, sustainable growth. He is considered a catalyst for change in the largest tech-driven enterprises and organizations.

4 Draw Up the New Process

You decide you will take your work communication to Google Duo. You will invest in appropriate task management software so employees can conveniently access their assignments and check or update their status. Instead of sharing Doc links on Telegram, you create an open-access spreadsheet with tabs for each client and columns for each deliverable. Instead of scavenging the chat group for uploaded tasks, you will have them all on a neat spreadsheet from where you can quickly extract the links and dispatch them to the client.

5 Implementation

Once you have consolidated the game plan, you set it in motion. You explain the new modus operandi to your workers, field their questions, and resume your operations. You may iron out any bumps along the way. Once the process has been in place for at least a week, have a team huddle and discuss what has improved and is yet to improve. Compare your delivery timelines and client satisfaction before and after your spreadsheet and task management software strategy.

Wrapping Up

A chaotic workplace is the last thing anyone needs. It affects productivity, lowers morale, and leads to confusion and dissatisfaction internally and externally. To overcome the setbacks of flawed processes, you can reach out to business improvement services in Australia. They understand the operating procedures in various industries and know their most common process problems. Yet, they will not force a generic solution on you. They will consider your company’s size, revenue, business goals, and management style before formulating a process improvement plan.

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