6 Things to Know Regarding the CW’s New Charmed Series

The CW’s newest show is a reboot of the Charmed series that ran from 1998-2006. The series features a trio of sisters who utilize their power of three to shield innocent lives from evil individuals such as warlocks and demons. Below is a list of things to know regarding the new Charmed series.

1. This Is Not a Self-Serious, Tenacious Kind of Reboot

The pilot episode of the new Charmed series details that it’s full of monsters and intense emotional episodes. Brad Kern, the showrunner, says that it’s a show about friendship and emotions and grief and rivalry. The series, however, will not try to make itself important by overwhelming its viewers with dark episodes throughout. The episodes in the series are well-crafted with a cross-generational appeal due to minimal super-violent torture scenes.

2. It’s Thrilled About Its Political Perspective

The new Charmed series pilot episode takes on a demon of both human and supernatural proportions. The series, however, doesn’t shy from a political point of view as the lead actresses Sarah Jeffery, Melonie Diaz, and Madeleine Mantock describe the political element of the series as a responsibility. Diaz talks about the importance of the series’ point of view, and her co-star Mantock describes the show’s consciousness as the primary thing that enticed her to the series.

3. There Are Numerous Monsters

Mantock, Diaz, and Jeffery say that monsters are tough to work with because of the big and tense scenes involving magic and special effects added afterward. The lead actresses describe the action sequences as something that requires trust. Jeffery plays a character Maggie, who has telepathy, necessitating the production crew to hire someone else to read the lines out loud to her as well as utilize an earpiece, whichever works best for the scenes.

4. It’s a Series for Every Person

Despite its transparent political perspective, the lead actresses hope that it will be a series synonymous with cross-generational appeal. According to Diaz, the ideal audience for the new Charmed series is everyone, specifically men who wish to be on the right side of history and high school girls watching with their moms. The primary goal is that it is a show that daughters and moms can enjoy together, something that reflects supportive female bonds and sparks essential conversations for excellent sisterhood feelings.

5. It’s a Balance of Ongoing Mysteries and Demons of the Week

The new Charmed series replicates the original series tension involving demon-of-the-week characters and an ongoing mystery. The attribute positions the new series in an excellent spot of serial storytelling that’s too rare for TV shows that play with both season-length mysteries and episodic structure. Diaz explains that there are demons that will be around for a long as the new Charmed ones solve the mystery kicking off the pilot episode.

6. It’s an All-Female Producing Team Series

The new Charmed series is co-produced by Jessica O’Toole, Jennie Snyder Urman, and Amy Rardin, who have worked together in the past, including the series Jane the Virgin. The Charmed series may have a different vibe than Jane the Virgin, but the driving ethos feels familiar to most of Jane the Virgin viewers. It’s a mix of emotionally intense stories and comedy regarding Latina characters and emphasizes the intensity and complexity of familial relationships among women while also wearing political viewpoints on the sleeve.

The new Charmed series is about three sisters who discover their supernatural powers to protect the human world from demons. Many of the episodes in the new Charmed series seem familiar to anyone who watched the original series.

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