A Comprehensive Guide on Acelepryn GR

A Comprehensive Guide on Acelepryn GR

To combat African Black Beetle and other insect pests such as the African Stem Weevil and Argentinian Scarab is now simpler than ever due to Acelepryn. Season-long protection against lawn grubs and caterpillars is provided by Acelepryn GR, a safe and simple application. This pesticide has been used for many years to control grass grubs. It’s now considerably simpler and safer to use the new Acelepryn (granular formulation), yet it still has the same potent effects. Acelepryn protects your territory and saves you time, money, and effort.

What Acelepryn Has to Offer

Acelepryn is a one-stop shop for controlling all common grass grubs. If you are the supervisor of a golf course, a sports field, or even your garden, Acelepryn has you covered.

  • It has an unparalleled ability to eliminate pests with ease.
  • Up to six months of effects from a single application
  • It is non-poisonous and safe for everybody.
  • Its granulated application is simple and precise.
  • Sports events aren’t significantly hampered by its use.
  • Re-entry restrictions or PPE are not required.

Acelepryn dosage instructions

Acelepryn makes it very simple to get superior year-round grub and caterpillar control. With the new granular Acelepryn, you can use any professional lawn fertiliser spreader without worrying about messy spray formulas or awkward sprayers. It would help if you began using it in the early spring or as soon as you discovered any symptoms of an invasion.

The application rate ranges from 75 kg/ha to 150 kg/ha; however, the more significant the speed, the longer the protection will last (up to 6 months). Make sure the granules are evenly distributed for maximum performance. You’ll get the best results with only 3 to 6mm of irrigation needed to achieve full pesticide activation. If you administer Acelepryn around mid-September, before or during peak egg production, you should expect the best results (or, in the case of Argentinean Scarab, mid-December).

If the infestation is severe, applying the second dose in mid-December may be necessary. Please keep in mind that these timings are simply rough suggestions and may vary depending on the temperature in your area. It’s perfect for schools, parks, golf courses, sports fields, and private residence backyards to utilise Acelepryn in. Precision application is made possible by the granular composition, making it ideal for use in limited spaces. With one treatment, you can preserve your cherished grass all season long while minimising the impact on the neighbourhood.

Is Acelepryn safe?

The safety profile of Acelepryn is excellent. No PPE gear is required, and there are no re-entry limitations on the premises since it is not a listed toxin. That’s fantastic news for public areas like schools, sports fields, and parks. As a result, you’ll be able to use it on your lawn without fear of dangerous pesticide residues contaminating your children or pets.


If eye irritation occurs, flush the eyes with clean water as a precautionary measure. Acelepryn has an excellent grade for lawn safety and minimum environmental effect. Your bees and other beneficial insects will appreciate the granular composition since it eliminates spray drift and the chance of the pesticide ending up in areas you don’t want it to. Not within 10 metres of waterways or wetland should you apply Acelepryn GR. To clean the equipment after usage, soak it in water. Toxic vapours may be produced if you burn empty containers.

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