An Introduction To The Automatic Tablet Counter From Pharmapack

The accurate counting of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry proves to be crucial. It’s no secret that manual counting is time-consuming, often prone to errors, and lacks precision. In this way, technological advancement has evidenced that the tablet counting trend is moving towards an automatic tablet counter. This article will make an introduction to the automatic tablet counter from Pharmapack.

What is an Automatic Tablet Counter?

The automatic tablet counter is a device that counts the number of tablets in a batch. It can also count other small objects, such as pills or capsules. With its distinctive features, such as being a useful assistant for companies in medicine production with less manual operation, the counting machine can handle large batches easily and efficiently.

Which brand to choose

As one of the most outstanding suppliers in providing cost-effective equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmapack guarantees you will get a wide variety of high-quality automatic tablet counters. And LF-16 Tablet/Capsule Counter is one of the most popular models from  Pharmapack and a reliable tablet counter in the market. Here are some extraordinary features that make our tablet counter acclaimed by our customers worldwide:

  1. The automatic counting machine allows you to count and fill tablets or capsules quickly and accurately.
  2. With an output rate of 16,000 pieces per minute, this model can easily handle high-volume operations without slowing down or losing accuracy.
  3. The counting machine also comes with an easy-to-use interface, making it very easy for anyone to use this device without any problem!
  4. LF-16 tablet counter can count pills, capsules, tablets, or anything else with a diameter of 3mm to 13mm, a thickness of 3mm to 10mm,  and a length of 3mm to 21mm.
  5. This model is made from 316 stainless steel and has been built to withstand years of use in harsh environments.
  6. It has been tested for quality assurance, so you can be sure it will work efficiently for years without any problems.
  7. This tablet bottle packing machine is great for pharmaceutical,  healthcare, and food industries, as well as any other industry that needs a fast and accurate way to count pills or capsules.


An automatic tablet counter is an important tool for any pharmaceutical company. It can help you keep track of how many tablets or capsules are being packed, and it can also help to minimize human resources. For example, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable automatic tablet counter, you can’t miss the Pharmapack.

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