Danspeed Empowering Global Sea Freight Partners with Ingenuity And Efficiency

In a sea freight export environment full of countless regulations and processes, it can be difficult to stay on top of all the changes. This is where Danspeed comes in: the company provides efficient and quality international sea freight solutions for exporters and importers.

About Danspeed

Danspeed. is an international freight forwarding company in China, that provides ocean freight, air freight, FBA service, professional customs clearance, logistics management, and other international freight services.

As a professional China freight forwarder, Danspeed has 60 warehousing and distribution centers, 1.05 million square meters of storage space, 110 cross-border forwarding operation centers, and more than 1,000 international freight routes around the world.

Danspeed is dedicated to delivering goods from China all over the world, especially to the United States and Canada. We provide customers with a unique and reliable one-stop logistics service, enabling goods to reach worldwide safely and quickly.

Partnering with Danspeed

Danspeed is empowering global sea freight partners with innovation and efficiency. As a vertically integrated provider of technology, services, and intelligence, Danspeed can work closely with its partners to reduce costs and optimize operations.

This partnership allows Danspeed’s partners to focus on their core businesses while benefiting from the technological expertise of Danspeed. This ultimately leads to improved efficiency and profitability for all involved.


As an international logistics company, Danspeed Global is developing at a fast pace. With the continuous expansion of our team and service upgrades, we will provide more personalized support to every customer and ensure that all goods can arrive around the world safely.

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