Demystifying the Application Process for a BVA Program

Demystifying the Application Process for a BVA Program

Setting new trends, the Bachelor of Visual Arts program at top BVA colleges in India is facing a huge level of admission, and the ultimate persuading factor behind this is the rising global art market with a value of USD 455.37 billion by 2022.

Come on, through this article get to know complete details about the BA Visual Arts Interior Design course that is offered at top colleges in India.

What is Visual Arts and Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree?

Visual arts encompass a wide range of artistic disciplines that involve creating visual expressions, often through various mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, digital art, and more.

Getting this artistic knowledge into a curriculum is the Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at top BDes colleges in India.

A Bachelor of Visual Arts degree is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on studying and practising visual arts.

This course trains the students to pick up artistic and creative skills and teaches the same in their art careers.

Here are the further course highlights of BVA courses at leading design colleges in India such as Anant National University.

Course Highlights of Bachelor of Visual Arts Course:

Level Undergraduate level
Duration 4 years
Mode Semester
Eligibility Criteria The basic eligibility criteria to pursue Bachelor of Visual Arts at top BVA colleges in India are as follows:

●      Candidates should have completed 10+2 or 10+3 equivalent in any stream, i.e., science, arts, or commerce.

●      Candidates should have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate score in 10+2 or equivalent.

Certain colleges offer certain relaxation for reserved categories.

What is the admission process for a BVA Program?

The process of admission to a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree differs from college to college, but the fundamental basis is described below.

Basis of Admission:

Admission to the Bachelor of Visual Arts course can be given on two bases as mentioned below.

Merit Basis Merit-based admission to the BVA course is offered by considering the candidate’s 10+2 score.
Entrance Exam Basis Entrance-based admission happens when the college considers common entrance exams such as NIFT or conducts its own entrance exams.

Top colleges such as Anant National University conduct their own entrance exams, such as Design Aptitude Test and interviews.

Skills Required for Admission:

Every field and course requires a certain set of skills for admission and here are the skills that are required for admission to BVA at top BVA colleges in India.

Observation Skills:

Observation skills are very essential for any visual arts student as they play a prime role in instigating their creativity and reciprocating it in the artistic form.

Imaginative Skills:

Imaginative skills are equally important as observation skills. This is because the basis of arts is creation and recreation.

Realistic Drawing Skills:

Realistic drawing ability plays a major role in the visual arts industry. As visual arts are majorly concentrated on visualization, realistic drawing skills are important for any visual arts specialization. Even a sculptor needs to create a proper outline drawing of his view to create the art piece.


Resilience is one of the very important skills for visual artists. This is because the process of creating art is quite long. As the process extends, the visual arts students must possess the ability to withstand till the required output is reached.

These are the top 4 skills expected in BVA candidates and entrance exams for BVA test the candidates to identify the quotient of these skills in them.

General Admission Process:

The generic admission process to the BVA program is as follows:

Step 1: Apply for the BVA course at a relevant college or university.

Step 2: Complete the application by paying the application fee.

Step 3: Attend entrance exams and personal interviews if any for admission.

Step 4: Wait for the results.

Step 5: On arrival of results, if eligible, pay the college fee and secure your seat.

Now, it is time for you to know what you will learn in the Bachelor of Visual Arts program at top BVA colleges in India.

What will you learn in the Bachelor of Visual Arts program?

The Bachelor of Visual Arts course is curated and designed with an exclusive curriculum by experts in the field of visual arts to meet the requirements of the arts industry in students.

Take a look at the subjects that you will learn in the Bachelor of Visual Arts program at leading BDes colleges in India.


Semester I Semester II
Elements & Principles of Art Communications Skills
Introduction to Art History Graphic Tools
Introduction to Drawing History of Indian Arts
Introduction to Painting Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Sculpture Material Construction
Nature Study
Print Making


Semester III Semester IV
Basic Sketching Anatomy Sketching
Communication Skills History of Western Arts
Discipline Minor Elective Portfolio
Modern Indian Arts Specialisation Elective
Specialisation Elective


Semester V Semester VI
Flora & Fauna Sketching I Flora & Fauna Sketching II
Indian Aesthetics Portfolio
Modern Western Art Western Aesthetics
Portrait Painting Creative Painting


Semester VII Semester VIII
Architectural Sketching Contemporary Art and Practices
Introduction to World Civilisation Portfolio
Mural Painting Viva Voce
Virtual Portfolio
Specialisation Elective


Having a look into the syllabus creates a great excitement in the imaginative and creative artistic minds of the students.

Career Value of Bachelor of Visual Arts:

The increasing career value of visual arts is an encouraging factor to seek admission to BVA courses at renowned BVA colleges in India.

As the visual arts industry has expanded significantly with a current value of $ 455.37 billion in 2022, there are blooming career opportunities and some of them are as follows.

Job roles after Bachelor of Visual Arts Average Salary
Visual Arts Teacher INR 4 LPA
Visual Designer INR 3.7 LPA
Cartoonist INR 4 LPA
Graphic Designer INR 4.6 LPA
Art Director INR 4.6 LPA


On reaching the end of the blog, we have made a clear insight into the complete application and admission process of BVA program at top BVA colleges in India. Ensure you understand the process and secure your seat at the best colleges.


  • What is a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts?

Bachelor of Visual Arts is an undergraduate degree under the fine arts wing with a duration of 4 years that educates students in areas such as animation, graphic design, applied arts, visual effects and much more.

  • What are the jobs after BVA?

Some of the major career options after studying BVA are painter, animator, art director, and visual designer.

  • What is the average salary range of visual arts graduates?

Depending on the field, the salary scale of visual arts graduates will differ. But the quite common salary range is between INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000.

  • Which stream in 12th is the best for pursuing a Bachelor in Visual Arts?

The best stream in 12th for pursuing a Bachelor of Visual Arts is the arts stream. However, students from any stream can take up a Bachelor of Visual Arts based on their interests.

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