How a Fashion & Textile Design Course Can Jumpstart Your Career?

How a Fashion & Textile Design Course Can Jumpstart Your Career?

Are you passionate about fashion and textile, and would love to work in these industries? If so, a great option to start with would be by enrolling in a fashion & textile design course.

Moreover, you can anticipate multiple prospects opening up in these fields, given that the Indian fashion industry is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 11–12%.

We’ll now highlight some compelling reasons in this blog, to understand how textile and fashion design courses will help you succeed in your career.

Fashion & Textile Design Courses

Each textile and fashion design education attempts to familiarise you with the crucial elements of fabric and design. Keeping in mind the day-by-day rise in fashion and manufacturing industries, the LISAA School of Design in Bangalore offers several courses in these areas.

Courses’ Highlights

You can go through the below table to learn about the fashion and textile design courses available at LISAA School of Design, Bangalore:

Course Name Bachelors in Fashion and Textile Design Diploma in Fashion Design MBA / PG in Fashion Designing
Course ID Bachelors in Fashion Design PGDFD
Course Duration 3 years 1 year 2 years
Selection Procedure Register and Appear in the LISAA’s Creative Aptitude Test (CAT)

How Can a Fashion and Textile Design Degree Launch Your Career?

You already know how completing a degree in textile and fashion design can help you find employment in multiple domains. To get a better overview of how such courses launch your career, please read over the following points:

●      Developing a Strong Foundation

You’ll require a strong grasp of the foundational concepts, and methods to start a career in fashion and textile design. And, to give you a well-rounded education, the best fashion designing colleges in Bangalore strive to offer you a thorough fashion and textile design course that covers the fundamentals of design, pattern-making, garment construction, colour theory, and fabrics. You can also set yourself up for a lucrative and varied career in the field by acquiring these crucial abilities.

●      Access to Expert Knowledge

Instructors with years of expertise and extensive industry knowledge are common in fashion and textile design courses. These experts can also provide you with insights into current methods, trends, and industry practices in addition to their vast knowledge. You will further acquire practical knowledge—which is extremely valuable in the cutthroat fashion industry—by studying directly from the design schools in Bangalore.

●      Exploring Various Specialisations

The fashion and textile sector can offer you numerous employment options, including textile technology, fashion merchandising, styling, and fashion design. Enrolling in a school on fashion and textile design will provide you the chance to investigate many specialisations within this industry. A PG fashion designing course from the LISAA School of Design will further assist you in refining your interests and pinpointing the particular field in which you have the greatest love, thereby establishing the groundwork for your future professional path.

●      Building a Portfolio

To demonstrate your skills and inventiveness to prospective clients or employers, a great portfolio is essential in the fashion industry. Thus, whether you want to design clothing, make textile prints, or show off your visual merchandising abilities, a fashion and textile design institute will provide you with plenty of chances to produce and present your work. You will further have a far better chance of landing a job or starting your fashion business if you work hard to develop a strong and varied portfolio during the course.

●      Access to Industry Connections

Most fashion & textile design courses will have connections to businesses, groups, and industry people. In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of this link to find employment, internships, and beneficial networking opportunities. You can further network with industry insiders, form relationships, and unlock doors that might otherwise be challenging to obtain by making use of these connections.

●      Professional Development

Fashion and textile design courses emphasise your professional and personal growth in addition to imparting technical knowledge. Modules on trend forecasting, market research, entrepreneurship, and communication skills are further included in these courses of the LISAA School of Design. These abilities are also crucial to your success because they let you keep up with shifting fashions, adjust to market demands, and convince consumers or colleagues of your concepts and designs.

●      International Exposure

If you look more closely, you’ll discover that the fashion industry is a worldwide scene with the capacity to comprehend and adjust to many markets and cultures. This will further give you the chance to study in world-class fashion capitals with fashion and textile design courses. You can become a more adaptable designer, have a wider viewpoint, and be more creative as a result of being exposed to many fashion scenes and cultures.

Fashion & Textile Design Career Prospects

Following your completion of any of the textile and fashion design courses at the LISAA School of Design, Bangalore, you can apply for different jobs. Most of those jobs will require you to have creative skills. A few of those options are:

  • Embroidery Designer.
  • Design Consultant.
  • Textile Designer.
  • Fabric Resources Analyst.
  • Fabric Analyst.

Final Words

We hope that after reading our blog post in its entirety, you will see how a fashion & textile design course can truly transform the lives of those who want to work in the field. Thus, you should enrol in a fashion and textile design course to kickstart your career and unleash your creative potential without waiting any longer.


  1. Do I need prior experience to enrol in fashion & textile design courses?

To engage in fashion & textile design courses, you don’t need any prior experience. Mostly, these courses are made to fit students of various skill levels.

  1. How will fashion and textile design courses enhance my creativity and innovation?

A fashion and textile design education can provide you with a solid basis for creativity and innovation by delving into design concepts, techniques, and materials.

  1. What resources can I access during textile design courses?

You can frequently learn about modern design studios, workshops, digital design software, and industry-specific tools by enroling in fashion and textile design courses.

  1. How can networking benefit fashion and textile design students?

You will have plenty of opportunities to network with experts and possible employers through the many networking events, guest speaker sessions, and industry partnerships that are a part of fashion and textile design courses.

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