Efficiency Booster: AMRs Offered by ForwardX Robotics

Early industrial transportation equipment such as AGVs was not used in production on a large scale because, although they could complete automatic transportation and had extra flexibility and adaptability when compared to people. AGVs need fixed beacons for guidance, which cannot meet the production side’s flexible and variable application needs, and the application in various logistics links is also limited. As a result, the more intelligent AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) was born. ForwardX is a professional provider of AMR-based picking solutions.

Driverless cars in factories

Based on SLAM technology, ForwardX’s AMR does not need to rely on fixed beacons and can move autonomously with the map scanned in its “brain”. In contrast, the multi-sensor fusion technology gives ForwardX’s AMRs depth perception capabilities allowing them to accurately and flexibly avoid all kinds of obstacles, which can be regarded as an indoor driverless car. It is a driverless car for indoor use. Once the flexible AMR was launched, it was favored by various industries, and many AMRs have flooded into various applications. Next, let’s briefly discuss the main areas where AMRs are currently used.

Warehousing industry: AMRs enhance the efficiency of warehousing and transportation

The rise of e-commerce has led to the rapid development of the warehousing industry. Under the traditional mode of operation, the pressure of daily order delivery can only be solved by deploying an additional workforce, which makes the warehouse industry face a high workforce burden. A flexible and autonomous AMR deployment enables a flexible mode of operation.

For more applications of their reliable AMR products, come to the official website of ForwardX.

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