How to Create Shimmering Rhinestones With Lots of Shine

If you’re working with rhinestones or other small embellishments, it can be challenging to create designs that have rhinestones with lots of shine and sparkle. There aren’t many opportunities to use shiny materials in clothing design, so most designers don’t often have the opportunity to play around with these types of details. If you are someone who likes to think outside the box, however, it is easy to incorporate shiny elements into your designs using a few simple tools and techniques. It might seem like there isn’t much room for creativity when working with rhinestones, but there are so many ways to make them stand out by giving them a new personality. When designing clothing with rhinestone accents, keeping them from looking dull and monochromatic doesn’t take much effort once you know how!

Use a Good Quality Transfer Tape

The first thing to make sure of when working with rhinestones is the quality of the transfer tape. Transfer tape is what holds the rhinestones in place during the printing process — it keeps the rhinestone in place while the glue on the back of the rhinestone sticks to the garment. Transfer tape that doesn’t have a strong enough adhesive to keep the rhinestones in place will cause the rhinestone to fall off as soon as it is applied to the garment, potentially ruining your design. Make sure to use a good quality transfer tape made for rhinestones. Using a lower quality product will result in rhinestones that don’t last as long and definitely won’t have the shine and sparkle you want.

Try Out Different Finishes

You can also play with different finishes on your rhinestones to create designs with lots of shine. Rhinestones come in different finishes such as a high gloss, satin, matte, and even a holographic finish. Depending on what you are designing and what you want the rhinestones to say, you can use different finishes to create a different look. A high gloss finish is one of the most typical finishes that rhinestones are made with. A high gloss rhinestone will reflect light, but is not as shiny as a metal decoration. A satin finish is a duller, less reflective finish that is often used on rhinestone-covered apparel items that will not be exposed to direct sunlight — such as dance costumes or other footwear. A matte finish is a dull finish that is not reflective at all. Rhinestones with a matte finish are often used for nail art and other small details that won’t be exposed to lots of light. A holographic finish is a unique finish that is a bit of a mix between a high gloss and a satin finish. Rhinestones with this finish are glossy but not as shiny as a high gloss finish.

Get Creative With Lighting

Another way to add more shine to your rhinestones is to get creative with the lighting in your workspace. Rhinestones look the best when they are illuminated by light and reflect it back out at the viewer. Try setting up a small light source (such as a lamp or a desk light) that is pointed at the rhinestone while you are working with it. This will help to illuminate the rhinestone and make it stand out in a way that isn’t possible with natural light. You can also try placing rhinestones on fabrics that already have a lot of shine and sparkle, such as satin fabrics. This will help to bring out the shine in both the rhinestone and the fabric it is applied to. Satin fabrics are often shiny and reflective, which means your rhinestones will stand out even more when applied to them.

Add Shimmering Elements

Another easy way to create rhinestones that have lots of shine and sparkle is to add shimmering elements to your designs. This can be as simple as adding sequins to a design or applying rhinestones to a design with a shimmered fabric, such as a sequined ribbon. When rhinestones are applied to clothing items that already have a lot of shine and shimmer, they will really stand out. You can even try using fabrics that have a metallic finish — this will also help to reflect light and create rhinestones with lots of shine. There are lots of ways to incorporate shimmering elements into your designs. You can use sequined ribbon to create a shimmering hem on a garment, or add rhinestones to a clutch or handbag design. For example, rhinestones look great when applied to handbags, especially when they are applied as a design element.

Use a Gold Rhinestone as a Spotlight

Another way to create rhinestones that have lots of shine and sparkle is to use a gold rhinestone as a spotlight. A gold rhinestone is a rhinestone that is covered entirely in clear, reflective, adhesive glue. This rhinestone is applied to a design where it covers the entire surface area of the rhinestone, giving the illusion that it is a gold decoration. A gold rhinestone is a great way to create a rhinestone that looks like a spotlight. This rhinestone will shine really brightly and will really stand out in a design. For best results, make sure to pick a rhinestone with a large surface area and make sure it isn’t falling off the garment while you are creating your design.

Wrap Up

Finally, if you want to create rhinestones that have lots of shine and sparkle, you can always choose to use a rhinestone with a gold finish. A gold rhinestone is a rhinestone that is covered entirely in clear, reflective, adhesive glue and is made with gold foil. Unlike a gold rhinestone, a gold rhinestone will reflect light and shine like a spotlight. A gold rhinestone is a great way to create a rhinestone that really stands out in a design. These tips will help you create rhinestones with lots of shine. Use a good quality transfer tape, try out different finishes, get creative with lighting, add shimmering elements, and use a gold rhinestone as a spotlight. These easy tips will help you create rhinestones that stand out and shine in any design.

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